Mrs. Fletcher's Class

Expect an exciting 2013-2014 school year!

What can you expect?

We use a lot of technology in this class ranging from the computer lab to our 1:1 iPads. I believe educators need to help get technology in children's hands. Many jobs these students will have as adults will be dependent on using technology to solve problems. We will be using our resources to work on projects related to real-world living and to familiarize all students with the latest technology. Continue to look at the rest of the flyer to get a more in-depth look of what to expect in my class.


Liberty School District uses Skyward for grading and attendance. Parents can get a login code from the secretary so they can view their child's grades and missing assignments at any time just by logging in. The link below will take you to Skyward.


In my class we will be using Edmodo to collaborate with each other, for homework, extra help, and to connect with myself and others. This is a great, safe, private, place to practice using digital citizenship which is becoming more and more important in our changing society. Watch the video below for a quick look at how Edmodo works.

Class Dojo

Below you will find a video about Class Dojo. This is an app that I use for classroom management. In our classroom we have the Bank of Liberty. Students work as a team to earn, and at times lose, money in their bank account. They also fill out "real" checks weekly to pay their rent for the week. This is a real-world application that ties into Class Dojo. The top two students who have earned the most points for the day can choose to deposit bonus money into our class bank account.


I will be using email to communicate with parents as a group this year. I will send a generic email to the group when I have special announcements of upcoming events or project deadlines or if I am looking for volunteers for class parties or daily events.

The Work

Often times parents and students are wondering about homework. Homework is any work that was not completed in class. The majority of class daily assignments are due the next day. Students are expected to read a book of their choosing at home for 20 minutes on a daily basis. Practicing math facts through flashcards or electronic devices is also a great use of students' time. There is also a spelling test every Friday, so students should be practicing their words throughout the week. Below you will see just a few samples of student work from last year that students completed using their iPads and a short video of some of last year's students explaining how iPads changed how they learn. I am excited to see the quality of work increase this year for the students who are on the second year of using iPads.