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Vodafone Customer Care Satisfaction

Vodafone Customer Care Satisfaction 2010-2011

Vodafone intends to improve its support services after highest amount of telco complaints

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) recently announced its intentions to improve its customer support and support after its poor performance in phone services within the last few year.

VHA offers to have 1500 sites inside the new 850MHz network by mid-next year all of which will introduce an individual contact system that monitors Vodafone’s contact centre, Twitter, Facebook accounts and e-forum.

Vodafone’s performance in customer satisfaction 2010-2011

According to your Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman’s (TIO) 2011 Annual Report, new complaints about Vodafone mobile services almost tripled in 2010-2011.

“Vodafone mobile services almost tripled in 2010-11 to 32,744. They peaked in January 2011 using a total of 5,712 new complaints, coinciding together with the provider’s much publicised network and customer care issues,” the report reads.

TIO found out that Vodafone's network issues was among the significant causes to your increase in complaints about mobile phone devices.

“[The] spike in complaints about mobile services was largely a result of two key elements: Vodafone’s network issues plus the increased share of the market of smartphones,” the report reads.

Ombudsman Simon Cohen said within a statement that customers are not only aggravated by “mobile telephone problems, but in addition by deficient customer satisfaction and complaint handling.”

Will Vodafone be capable of turn it around?

Despite the improvement in complaints, VHA has 900 sites are now living in new the 850MHz network developed for smartphones and data, and 2000 sites inside existing network are actually replaced with new equipment.

Vodafone’s CEO, Nigel Dews, said in a very statement the organization is “bringing customers a network that offers better indoor coverage, faster downloads and also a stronger signal than before.”

Why Vodafone changed its customer service helpline number from 111 to 199

Vodafone India has finally changed its customer satisfaction helpline number from 111 to 199. Vodafone users is now able to dial ‘199’ as opposed to ‘111’ to speak with their vodafone customer care number Delhi. The change happened after TRAI (Telecom regulatory authority of India) had directed Vodafone onMarch 2 to prevent using ’111' for offering customer service services, the way it violates the national numbering plan.

TRAI had asked Vodafone to submit a compliance report by March 10. Asking for added time to submit the report, Vodafone stated that ’111' is now being used by it's subscribers for customer satisfaction service, and yes it was difficult to quit its use within 10-12 days.”

Apparently the problem came into light on February 2 when TRAI had issued a show cause notice on Vodafone for violating the National Numbering Plan. In solution TRAI’s notice, Vodafone had said that ’111' number was at use by them in the past 20 years high was no restriction on its use since the number is already under valid use previous to 2003 being a common support number across all of the circles. Department of Telecom had issued the ‘National Numbering Plan 2003' wherein the numbers from 111 to 115 are not to be given for almost any type of services and in addition they had been kept as ‘spare’. Click here for more info on Airtel customer care number