A Wacky Seussical Week

Greetings Kindergarten Parents,

The students a blast playing outside and enjoying the gorgeous weather.
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Wacky Wednesday

Waht We've Learned This week

Language Arts


We reviewed rules for long vowels sounds.

2. Parts of a letter

3. Close Reading

· The students listened to and read a “Spring” passage.

· On the first of the reading, they read the passage on their own and we read it together aloud.

· On the second day, they circle new words or words they unable to read.

· On the third day, they answered comprehension questions and listed details about the story

· On the fourth, they took turns to read a .sentence or two independently to their classmates


1. Placing value (tens and ones)

· The students identified the number of tens and ones in numbers 1-100.

2. Fractions

· They were introduced to fraction; and they distinguished between whole numbers and fractions.

· They colored half, third, quarter, and fifth of shapes on assigned worksheets.

Social Studies

Dr. Seuss

· The students listened to The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins, Fox in Socks, and The Lorax. Then they listed the rhyming words.


States of Matter (Solid, Liquid, Gas)

· They stated the differences between solids, liquids, and gases.

· They gave example of each state of matter.


Writing & Handwriting Skills

They practiced writing their spelling words in their journal using 3 activities from the spelling activity sheet (writing words 3 times, rainbow words, and circling consonants in each word.

Reading Buddies Time

The kinders and the fourth graders worked together to complete Word Ladder activities. The student read a word at the bottom of the ladder in their paper and follow the hints to write a word on each step of the ladder (e.g. write cat, then take the first letter to make a word that describes what you do on the chair....etc).

Questions to Ask your Child

Language Arts

  • Give example of words with long medial “e”, “a”, “o”, “i”, and “u”.


  • How many tens and ones are in the following numbers: 8, 16, 79,85, 47?


  • What are the states of matter?
  • What are the differences between them?

Social Studies

What happened in beginning, middle, and end of Fox in Socks and The

Fun in the Sun


March 14th

  • formal day

March 15

  • student dress in the regular uniform

March 16th

  • Twin day
  • Each student will be assigned a twin from the class
  • The students should dress like their assigned twin
  • The list of twins will be given on Monday.

March 17th

  • Dress your child in green apparel

March 18th

  • Casual/Pizza day

Reading Under the Stars