By: Coach Absher

Parent Newsletter

Hello Parents,

We are very excited about the things that are going on in our 6th grade PE class this year! The kids have worked very hard and made made tons of memories. We have started something new this year at school and we hope you will enjoy it. In this newsletter I will share 3 tools that we have used in class Storybird, Kidblog and Sliderocket. We will be sharing them with you so you can enjoy the advancements that your child has made and to also share some laughs!


Storybird is a website that allows you to create your own stories. They provide you with pictures to use and endless opportunities. This is a very neat website that allows students to be creative while using technology. It is especially neat to use during PE as the kids get great exercise but are also familiarizing themselves with technology. And in the end the parents get a very nice book to keep memories of their children.


Kidblog is a very valuable learning tool for younger children with little experience using the web. It allows kids to express themselves by using technology and start creating digital citizenship. The best part about kidblog is that there are no student emails so internet safety is not an issue. Teachers must approve everything before it is uploaded online. The blogs are not only viewed by other students, parents get to read what their child has produced as well. Students using Kidblog gives them a great opportunity to express themselves and share what they have learned in PE!


Sliderocket is a really cool website that creates slideshows and presentations for any kind of use. There are endless opportunities when using this website. They really help make any presentation look like it was professionally done. Students can learn a very valuable skill and use it to share ideas and information with one another. Parents will love this because they get to see their child in action and parents can then share the pictures with friends and family!