IAT Tiger Times

Week of November 21, 2016

School Mission 2016*2017

Our mission is to inspire and empower students to become engaged learners, high achieving scholars, and positive role models.

Happy Wednesday!! - Reduced Day for all students and staff

This week in flash

Monday - Full Day. Teachers should create signup.com accounts in preparation for PTCs

Tuesday - Full Day. Teachers be sure to complete comment sheets using google doc

Wednesday - Reduced Day. Jeans Day for staff. $3 donation or canned good for families. Dress down day for students that bring a canned good or $1 donation.

Teachers: Create your account and send me the link so I can post on Facebook - Jay

Parent Teacher Conferences

Hey, teachers! I'm proud to see that some of you have set up accounts using signup.com

A flyer will be delivered to you for distribution.

YOU WILL NEED TO CREATE YOUR ACCOUNT in order for parents to schedule meetings.

Create your account today and then provide the link for your families when you send the flyer home. Contact Ms. M for any details, as she has quickly become a master!

Holiday Party Information - From Jim Dionne

It is time for our annual Holiday Party. Dana Skillman and I will be organizing it and the format will be very similar to last year. We will be having the party at Mastoris again and the price will be in the $27 - $30 range per person.

We will send another email with all of the specifics but right now we just want to narrow down the date. Here are the options:

Friday, December 9th - We would be on the left side of the restaurant and would have half of the main seating area. The back hall is completely booked on this date and this is they only area they have that could potentially hold up to 50 people (we had about 30 people last year and we have grown since then)

Thursday, December 15th - The back hall is not currently booked so we could sit back there.

Friday, December 16th - I have not checked on the availability yet but this is another option and we did have the party last year on the last day of school before winter break.

Please respond to me by noon on Monday. I need to know the following:

1) Are you interested in attending and , if so, how many people in your 'group'

2) Your first and second choice for dates (if our first choice books up between now and then, we will need a second choice)

Social Emotional Lesson Plans - Mindfulness In the Classroom


Emergency Procedures @ IAT



(lock door, pull shades down, silence, phones off, hide point furthest from window and door)


(lock door, pull shades down, silence, phones off, hide point furthest from window and door)

OFF-SITE EVACUATION (Line students up, take go bag hung by door, walk to cafeteria, sit on squad lines. Take attendance. Show green/red card. Wait to be crossed to gym, wait in gym to be bused to Bellevue). For Bellevue, procedure is same, except students walked across street to gym of adjacent school.


(Lock door and resume activities. No students allowed in hallways.)

Fire Drill

(Line students up, take go bag hung by door, walk students to parking lot, take attendance. Show green/red card).

** Go Bag Contents** Your class roster, aerial shots of fire drill slide, aerial shot of off-site evacuation slide, authorized student release list with guardian names and phone numbers.

** School nurse needs a GO KIT*** with portable emergency supplies.

Shout outs!

  • Shout out to our new 3rd grade team member, Miss Jollane Eccleston who is transitioning wonderfully into her new role.
  • Shout out to our new Facilities Manager, Joe Bilotti for joining us!
  • Shout out to Tina for getting us some building subs!

Each week, we want to recognize and shout out our school staff for the small things that make our days and weeks a little easier. Whenever you see something good happening or just want to encourage a colleague, send an email to lmeyers@sabis.net with the subject line as "shoutout" then explain why in the email. We will do our best to post them as we receive them or at least on a weekly basis through the IAT Tiger Times!


When a teacher is confronted with a misbehaving or non-compliant student, the challenging behavior presents a puzzle to be solved. Instructors skilled in resolving behavior problems know that effective behavior management is built upon 3 assumptions (Packenham, Shute, & Reid, 2004).

Secret Pal Reveal

Please remember to acknowledge your secret pal sometime this month.

On Friday, December 16th, please reveal yourself to your pal! Remember its holiday time and utilize the Secret Pal Surveys to surprise your Pal with a gift!

Secret Pal Surveys for January 2017 - Forms placed in your mailboxes

If you would like to participate in Secret Pals, Please fill out the form that will be placed in your mailbox. This list is to help your secret pal know more about you and make it easier to participate.

Secret Pals will begin in January and go through the end of the school year.

Please return to Jennifer (Chancery) OR Rosie (Bellevue) before you leave on Friday, December 9th!!

Secret Pals for Second Semester

Wednesday, Dec. 14th, 3pm

720 Bellevue Avenue

Trenton, NJ

Please turn in your Secret Pal Surveys if you would like to participate for the second semester. If you need a survey, please contact Jennifer. Please turn in your completed forms no later than COB on Wednesday, December 14th.

Secret Pals Reveal Day

Friday, Dec. 16th, 9am

720 Bellevue Avenue

Trenton, NJ

Please reveal yourself to your secret pal sometime during the day on Friday, December 16th. Please give him/her your final gift on this day.