Beech Class

Week of December 7

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From the kids:

On Wednesday, we had exploration. Patrick and Nami were in blocks. Nami put up a sign that said, "No smashing." In exploration, Jagger and Rowen made books.

On Thursday, at exploration, Patrick, Cole, Nami, and Ezra built a huge structure. We made a sign that says, No beans in Dramatic Play. We had word study and we practiced how to do the movements of D and G. We sorted some cards that start with letters D and G.

On Friday, we looked at some special art and talked about the art. At Exploration, Allysah played at the sensory table and Jagger made the three little piggie house. In Sustainability with Kirsten, we learned about plants. At recess, Roman, Guillermo and Minae were playing a game and Habel was playing zombies. We didn't go to Fort Greene Park. We tasted two new breads. One was pumpkin and one was sweet potato bread.

From the grown ups:

We had another full and busy week! Our bread tastings have been great! Thank you to the many families who bought and baked bread!

Congratulations and love to Serenity's family who welcomed new baby Alexis this week!

Happy birthday to Cole, our first December birthday! We will celebrate Cole, Serenity and Vega's birthdays soon!

We are working to confirm a trip or two to working bakeries during the coming week. We may need a few adults to join us, so let us know if you're available this week.

We finally finished recording the Star Book Shows! Scroll down for the video! We watched it in school early in the week.


Rasha and Madeleine


This week we tried several new breads: sourdough, plain bagels, pumpkin, chocolate and dried cherry, sweet potato and zucchini, and Bulgarian banitsa with feta. Children are still doing observational drawings of breads in their Tasting Diaries, then labeling features they notice. Children's drawings are becoming more accurate and detailed. Their words are becoming easier to read as they include more sounds in each word.

We also talked about where bread comes from, using information we know from our own lives and information from books and our observations. There's a flow chart being created in the back of the room that shows that bread often starts with a wheat seed planted in the ground by a tractor and ends up at a store or bakery for people to buy. Ask your child what she remembers about how bread is made!

At home:

Provide opportunities to use/hear descriptive language. Ask questions and make sure you're encouraging your child to use lots of words. If your child points to something, ask them to tell you which one. The bigger one or the smaller one? The one on top? The shiny one? The bumpy one? When we record information through drawing and writing, we want children to have the language to describe what they are noticing.

Do observational drawings at home. Only if it's fun! If your child likes drawing, you can draw objects and scenes together. Your child might also want to label things they notice. Encourage bravery in spelling unfamiliar words and writing down all the sounds they hear.

Reading Workshop

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We started reading "dot books" this week in Reading Workshop. These books are leveled books with simple, repetitive text. In these books, we expect children to work to say each word, pointing under each word, from left to right. Children are working on different skills in these books, depending on what they are ready for.

At home:

Get ready! Books baggies are coming home this week! Ask your child to read to you, or read on their own for 10 or more minutes, whenever they have time. In books with lots of words, reading should sound like telling the story by using the pictures and saying what they remember. In leveled (dot books) children should be working to match what they say to the words they see on the page. Please make sure book baggies come back to school every day!



This week children worked with Inventory Bags and Grab, Count and Compare. Inventory Bags are providing more practice with counting and recording numbers. As children are ready, they work with larger numbers of objects, providing new challenges with counting accurately and with recording. Grab, Count and Compare was made more complicated this week with the requirement that children write the numbers of two different groups of Unifix cubes, and then circle the larger amount.

At home:

Practice shuffling and dealing cards! We are learning a card game this coming week. Shuffling and dealing cards can be just as challenging as the mathematical concept of comparing numbers. The more practice your child has, the better! Have fun!

Word Study

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This week we learned the Sounds in Motion movements for D and G and practiced writing capital and lower case D and capital G. Children sorted pictures to show whether they began with a D sound or a G sound. They were super-excited to see that Delia and Guillermo were part of the sort!

Star Book Shows - At Last!

Star Book Shows
The Three Billy Goats Gruff - Oden, Minae, Amelie and Jagger

The Three Bears (begins at 3:33) - Delia, Allysah, Maya and Ronnie

Anansi (begins at 6:42) - Sasha, Seobong and Nami

The Three Billy Goats Gruff (begins at 8:30) - Nadia, Ezra, Patrick and Rowen

The Little Red Hen (begins at 10:49) - Heaven, Habel, Lucia and Josie

The Three Bears (begins at 15:14) - Serenity, Magnolia, Roman and Vega

Where the Wild Things Are (begins at 20:06) - Jeremiah, Cole and Guillermo