Mother Teresa

By Michael Chamness

Early Life

Agnes bojaxui (mother Teresa) was born on August, 5, 1910. As a child, she loved

to pray and draw, her big problem as a child was that she was constantly hungry and did not get enough to eat. Her mother gave her little amounts of food like, rice, bits of fish, and if she's was lucky she could get a dumpling or two. She had a sister and no brothers.

Adult Life

She began teaching in Africa and taught for 20 years. She gave her food and heart to poor and blind children in a poor household. She was a blessed prayer to god her whole life. She died on September, 26, 1997. She died from either a heart attack or old age but no one is completely sure. She was a mother to all of us.

Achievements and Awards

~Her first award was the Nobel Peace Prize due to her kindness and hope.
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