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By: Samantha Sanchez
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John F. Kennedy

Age: 43 years old

Status: Married to Jackie Kennedy with 4 kids

I'm the President of the U.S. from 1961-1963

Presidential Roles

Chief of State:

The President is the head of the government. He is the symbol of the people and controls the government. The President is basically the king who wears the crown for occasions and special events. He stands for the highest values/ideas of the country.

Chief Executive:

He is the invested in the Constitution with the board of the executive powers. The powers are only used for domestic issues and foreign affairs but it's very limited.

Chief Administrator:

The President is in charge of the executive branch of the federal government. He is in charge of it all.

Chief Diplomat:

He is the main one in charge of the American foreign policy. Everything he does/says is thoroughly managed whether he's at home or not.

Commander in Chief:

The President is in charged of the Army and Navy in the U.S. He's allowed to send out troopers but he doesn't have the power to declare war only the Congress can.

Chief Legislator:

He is in charge public policy and has a say to suggest, request, and insist to Congress that a law should be made considering the fact he believes its needed. But Congress doesn't always agree back. Working with the Congress take up a lot of the Presidents time.

Chief of Party:

He is the leader of the political parties that controls the executive branch. Even though political parties are a part of the Constitution they are important to the government.

Chief Citizen

Being the chief citizen means that the President represents all the people in the U.S. and the citizens want him to work on their interest and moral leadership.

  • All these roles the President must carry them out at the same time but sometimes when doing one duty it might end up in failure.


Which role is the most important?


Chief Executive is the most important role for the president because he is in charge for millions of government workers in the executive branch and is in charge of how the laws are enforced and advised to help run the branch. He has many responsibilities as chief like holding cabinet meetings to discuss government business, reading reports about problems of the FBI, and appointing someone to serve as head of CIA. This is also an important role for the president because he helps out the police officers on how to figure out what to do with those who have broken the law and how they will be treated at the end. This is also important since he needs to tell the citizens how the new laws will be affected.

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Which role is the most difficult to fulfill?


Chief Citizen is one of the most difficult to fulfill because as president you have to go face the people and show them what they want to see and hear. You need to get the people by your side so they will agree with the new laws your enforcing. Throughout being president he needs to build the trust of the people so he will be able to tell how to act and why they should act that way. It's not that easy to fulfill considering everyones feelings are very unalike so they might take it different ways. The President needs to know how others act within the country and how those out of the country will react. They have a lot of responsibilities to make the people happy.

Which role is the least important?


The President being Chief Legislature isn't that important considering that only Congress has the actual power to make laws and he doesn't. Even though it says in the Constitution the president has power to influence the congress he still isn't able to officially make the laws. The only thing the president can do about the laws is veto or pass them if he does not favor it.

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Which role had the public bases on their judgement or evaluation of the President?


The Chief of Party has the most judgement/evaluation of the public since the President is able to chose a member of the political party to get elected or appointed to office. He chooses someone that has supported his policies. He has responsibilities by choosing a leading party member to serve in the cabinet and traveling to California to speak at a rally for a part nominee to the U.S. Senate. He has the trust of this member to do what he asks for and hoping that they will be done but if something was to go wrong he has the ability to change it if he wants to. The President is helps out the by letting people in the political party to get elected or even re elected this helps them out in many ways for their careers can continue to move forward.

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