Facts about Vietnam

True and amazing facts

Vietnam's Languages

The offical language is Vietnamese. There are other languages like English, Akah and French.


Truong tan sang is the current ruler. It has a goverment of a communist.

Vietnam's population

Vietnam's population is almost 90 million people.

Vietnam's flag

There was 1 land that got splited up. There was a south and north vietnam. North vietnam was communist and the south is the democracy. The North/communist took over the south. Now the flag is a red background and a yellow star in the middle.

The main products they sell

The main product they sell is shrimp, steel,coal,Electricity,oil, and rubber tree plantation.

Countries that border vietnam

Lao and cambodia- goes to the west


China- to the north

The picture of the flag is laos flag

Capital and major citys of vietnam

Capital- Hanoi

Major citys- Ho Chi Minh city

They named the city after Ho Chi Minh who declared indapendance.

Cultue of Vietnam

Bac Bo ( northern )

Trung Bo ( central )

Nam Bo ( southern )

Other..... Mahayana, Buddisum

Symbols of Vietnam

Flag- The background is Red and a yellow star in the middle.

Orchids- Flower

Plum Blossem- Flower

Red Lotus- National Symbol

When Vietnam was formed

500,000 years ago. Compared to 2013 that is 47987 years ago!!!

Geographic landforms of Vietnam

Vietnam is a lowland country. Rolling green hills densely forested mountains.

How Big is the Country?

The country is about 128,000 square miles.

What are vietnam people called

The people of vietnam is called Vietnamese people.

Intresting facts about vietnam

  • The traditional dress of vietnam is called Ao Dai.
  • Most of vietnamese restaurants iced tea is free.
  • Vietnamese people dont take showers in the morning but mostly in the afternoon.
  • When vietnam people drink ice tea, they leave about 5 to 10 % of it left.

10 thing you could do in Vietnam

  • Sepa/trekking
  • Hoi lo prison in hanoi
  • Going to cooking class
  • Emperors Tombs in Hue
  • Go shopping in Hoi An
  • Dalat Easy Rider tour
  • Go to the beaches in Nha Trang and Mui Ne
  • Remnants Museum in Ho Chi Minh city
  • A tour on Cu Chi Tunnels in Ho chi Minh city
  • Take a tour at Mekong Delta

20 types of food vietnamese people eat

  • Bun Cha Honoi
  • Toung Ot
  • Banh It Tran
  • Sup mang Tay Cua
  • Banh beo
  • Banh Xeo
  • banh it La Gai
  • Com Tam
  • Bo Kho
  • Hu tieu
  • Banh Mi
  • Pho Bo
  • Banh Gio
  • Banh Coup
  • Banh Pa Te so
  • Be Thiu
  • Bun Bo Hue
  • Xio
  • Kem flan
  • Bap

These are some pictures of Vietnam

Some questions u could be wondering about.

Frequantly question still wondering

1. Why do they leave 10 to 5% left of there ice tea?

that im not sure why

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