Jean-Paul Gaultier

By, Emily Hall

About Jean

Born on April 24, 1952 (63) in Acrueil, Val-de-Marne, France. At a very young age Jean was obsessed with fashion. At age 13 he would sketch drawing and send them to designers. At age 18 he finally got a job with Pierre Cardin.

Jean's collection

Jean was known as the bad boy of the fashion world. He was famous for his edgy street and punk look. He also used models of all shapes and sizes. Jean became very famous when he created Madonna's conical bras in 1990. Today Jean continues to expand his business in all directions by adding several fragrances and new clothing such as children clothing. Jean is also very popular with the celebrities and many wear his designs.


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Fashion house

Jean launched his own design house in 1982. His fashion house is located in Paris, France.
JEAN PAUL GAULTIER Highlights Spring Summer 2015 Haute Couture Paris by Fashion Channel