Terabyte Twosdays

Almost Every Other Tuesday (if I remember) Oct. 6

Google Apps

Google Apps webinar was for beginners…It shows how to authenticate your Google Drive, transfer files from your H drive to Google Drive, and some cool things people have done with Google Apps. We encourage everyone to join the FCS Google course in itslearning. We will continue to populate the course through the year with more ideas and examples.


A new feature in Google Docs was recently announced, you can now dictate into a Google Doc! Make sure you have a microphone attached to your computer. Open a Google Doc and go to Tools > Voice Typing. Click on the microphone button to speak. Enable the microphone if it asks you to do so. Then just start talking! Say “period” at the end of a sentence. Say “new line” to go to the next line.

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Looking for a Way to Post Pictures of Activites in You Classroom

1. Create a Wixie Project including a title page and add a few extra pages for pictures.

2. Click Send, then copy project embed

3. Open your itsLearning course

4. On the Dashboard, click the gear, add content block, and insert rich content

5. In the text editor, click source and paste the embedding codes

6. Click Save

7. Enjoy the Wixie