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My name is Abigail Ebert I am in 7th grade making this blog to show a lot of the things I've learned this year during my Fashion class I am going to show you information about 5 different things such as Fashion history, sketching and design, sewing construction, interior design, and advertising and marketing.
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Some Fashion things people liked in the 80's were

  1. Denim
  2. Big Hair
  3. Jelly Shoes
  4. Bell Bottoms etc.

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Sketching and Design

Being able to sketch a design or piece of clothes was very fun being able to be creative and show our artistic view. We sketched out an out fit from our time period that we did for a project and they were hung around the room example below. We did sketches of many different types of out fits.
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Sewing construction

We sewed by hand and by machine on many different projects such as

  • A Felt Monkey (hand sewing)
  • A Drawstring Bad (machine sew)
  • A Patchwork Pillow (machine sew)
  • A Zipper Pencil-Pouch (machine sew)
  • A Infiniti Scarf (machine sew)
  • A Monster pillow (machine & hand sew)
We learned how to thread a sewing machine as shown below and we also learned how to thread a needle

How to Thread a Machine | Sewing Machine

Interior Design

In interior design we talked a lot about the color wheel (below) and how colors compliment each other or how the different colors can make a room look bigger or smaller. Different things can cause different illusions and different moods such as

  1. Red- Bold, exciting, warm, gets attention, angry and love
  2. Orange- cheerful, warm, energy and hope
  3. Yellow- cheerful, friendly, warm, sour and happiness
  4. Green- refreshing, nature, cool, peaceful and luck
and so on with the other colors of the color wheels. we also made floor plans on polyvore top show what our "dream" room would look like.

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Advertising and Marketing

We advertised outfits and made fashion mobiles. We tried to persuade people to buy our products we created paper dresses with fruit loops and yarn. We advertised a lot of clothes.