Cuts, Safety in the kitchen

Bree Austin and Amarissa Hull


  • Never cut towards the body.
  • Don't leave knives in the sink, dishpan, or water.
  • If taking care of broken glass, use a wet paper towel not your fingers.
  • Sweep up broken glass with a broom and dustpan right away.
  • Don't catch a falling knife.

First Aid

  • Stop severe bleeding by applying pressure with a thick cloth.
  • Get medical help.
  • For minor cuts, wash with soap and water, blot it dry, then bandage.
  • Be prepared to call 911 if necessary.

What to do

  • Always hold sharp objects by the handle.
  • Keep knives sharp and use them properly.
  • Keep knives separate from other tools.
  • If handling a knife, know where others in the kitchen are.