The Chinese New Year

traditions, foods, history

By: Kailah

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The new years eve dinner is the most important dinner for the Chinese. Usually it is the dinner where families come together, especially when they were away from home. Normally, for dinner fish will be served. Also, dumplings are the most important dish in northern China. These two foods mean prosperous. Some people prefer other foods. Most of the Chinese will have their dinner at home instead of in a restaurant.


the traditions of the new year in China are different from ours. In America we wait until midnight on the thirty- first of December and when the clock strikes we shout, Happy New Year! In this country this celebration starts on the nineteenth of February. They have floats with red lanterns. They have costumes that are red. They have dancers that dance with ribbons and they are very graceful. These things are red because it is said that the color red drives away bad spirits. This celebration goes on for days. And we must not forget the dragon. Also the children get red packets with money inside. They also leave red symbols on their doors to drive away bad spirits. These are very fun and festive traditions.


The history of the new year in China is very fascinating. It's said that there was once a terrible monster that terrorized China for a long time. Many men tried to fight it but they were killed. Then someone had the idea of a parade to drive away the monster. They had red to drive away the spirits and the monster. So now they have a parade so the monster will not come back.
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