A New Beginning

Mariam Rodriguez

The Day I Found Out I'm Moving.!!

I heard a "creek" the door opened it was my mom, dad, and my brother. I felt the cold breeze come through the door, it was early December. When we saw them we jumped up from our seat and greeted them, I just stared at my mom I saw that expression on her face like she had an idea or was thinking about something, but I didn’t bother to ask. The day went by and I still had that feeling that I wanted to ask her but I still didn’t. Hours pass and my mother, father, and my brother was like we need to tell you guys something, so we listened and waited. Next thing you know my mom was like “Were Moving” my sisters and me screamed, jump up from our seat and started questioning them. I was sad and divested I didn’t wanted to leave my friends especially the place where I grew up which was Concord. I had so many memories there mostly in the house we lived that was the best place ever, so many thoughts ran through my mind. Like what about they don’t like me? What about I get bullied? What about am lonely and don’t have friends? I knew right then and now that my parents had completely ruined my life forever. I just felt anger and hatred. I went to bed mad that night my sisters and me.

Saying Goodbye.!!

The next day at school, I told my friends that I was moving they just looked at me and was like “stop playing” they didn’t took me seriously because I joked about everything, but I was “am serious ask my sister” so they did. They were all sad and was like no please don’t move, my best friend Julie was like “come live with me, I’ll hide you in my closet” I was just laughing. But all I know was that I couldn’t do anything about it or they couldn’t do it anything.

What I Said: "Thanks For Ruining My Life."

Packing ): & Welcome Home.!!!

Day’s pass.!! And finally the big day came I was still mad, I hated that this day came but I really couldn’t do anything, we started packing and with every packing bag just brought me memories when the first time I had moved here. Finally the last box to pack, we were ready to leave but I wasn’t ready to leave the most memorable place in my life. Till the end we went to go leave the keys to the house to the owner we said goodbye and everything. While driving down the road I just hated my life so bad, I just stared out the window and start remembering everything back to the old house. Finally I saw the new house we were going to live in, gosh I hated that place so much it was such a quiet, lonely place like nobody lived here it was the country place! And I disliked the country place so bad. Days pass we started to unpack put everything in place, and suddenly I started to feel like home again. I made new friends went to a new school, I put this moment as another life, a new life to start all over, that’s what exactly I did… To this day I like Midland and the school I go, and if it wasn’t for my parents and brother I wouldn’t have met my best friend and my other friends.
Kelly Clarkson - Breakaway