Shruti's Fun Division Stratagies

By: Shruti Bodhanampati

2 divion stratagies

Hello!! I am Shruti and I all be your tour guide for new division strategies. There are many strategies for division but I will only explain two of them.

  • The first strategy is called Big 7. This is the way to use Big 7. First estimate (estimate means round to the nearest ten) by rounding a two-digit number up to the next ten if the second digit is five or more. If the second digit is four or less, round down to the next ten. The estimation problem will usually or always give you the right answer. Multiply to make sure that the answer isn't too big and subtract to make sure the answer isn't too small.

  • The second strategy is called simple division. This is the strategy that most people use. You first create a vertical line and then create a horizontal line starting from the top of the vertical line. If your division problem is 64 / 8 ( / is the fraction symbol). The 64 would go inside of the half box because it is the bigger number. The other number goes left of the vertical line. Take 8, the small number and think how much goes into 64. When you get your answer you put on top of the horizontal line and that is your answer.

Each student has his/her own way to find which strategy he/she thinks is best for their use. There really is no way to find which same strategy is best for everybody because

everybody has there own way of thinking. if you want to find which strategy is best in

different situations there will be a certain strategy to use. If the problem is not in

words, I would recommend simple division but you don't have to write the problem. If

it is a word problem I would recommend Big 7. There are other stratagies you could use too. Thank you for reading this. I hope it helped you with your division!!!