SESSION 2 (January 11th - March 11th)

Meet the Team!


Chad Mills

Lana Norris

Wil Te Winkel

Joelle Yaacoub


Janet Ochran

Sudha Sharma

Johanna Youngs

Teresa O'Regan

Nathan Reilly


All SPARK and COY teachers can fill in for one another. We also have Krysta Cook who is available for SPARK and Kim Boston who is available for COY.

Please notify of any changes so pay is processed accordingly. Thank You!

Long Range Plans

Resources Available by the Board

How to Access the COY Website

Numeracy Lesson Plan Ideas

Literacy Lesson Plan Ideas

Consumables and Purchased Resources

Consumables are available for purchase. All consumable orders have to be submitted to the board, as well as, any purchased resources (games, books etc.) If you need any of these resources for your class please let me know!
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Google Drive for COY

Teacher to Teacher Resources

A google account has been created for the COY program. Feel free to drag and drop resources for sharing or browsing resources shared throughout the program.

To access Google Drive sign into google with the following credentials:


password: balmoral1403

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Once signed in you can drag and drop resources from your desktop or upload them!

To use the resources, click on the down arrow at the top of your screen and just download the files to your computer!

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Computer Lab

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Signing out Computer Lab Time

The computer lab is available to use with your COY students. Two sign up sessions are available per COY period (each session is 45 minutes long).

Using the google calendar, add an event with your class name. View the gallery to learn how!

How to Access Google Calendar

Once you sign in to google (instructions above) everything google has to offer is now available to you! To access them, at the top of the screen there is an app launcher. Using the app launcher select apps you wish to use. Google Calendar is one of them!

If you would like to use any of the other apps and need a refresher or how-to let me know!

Signing out Gym Time

Active living plays an important role in student success. The gym will be signed out by using the gym calendar when days are available. I will send an email out, in advance when it is available for use.

Stay tuned for further info!

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COY Snacks

Snacks will be provided for your students each COY session to give them a boost of energy!
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Learn How to Code

All COY students have been signed up for Course 2 on They have also been set up to access courses on designing games, mazes and art design.

Your student's username, password and designated website can be found on the COY Google Drive. is available to students on iPads as well!

To log in to code studio to access student progress or update courses (courses 3 and 4 are currently available) visit the following site:


password: bobcats

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I will send out emails with various workshops available! If you are interested you can sign your students up for the session!

Example sessions include baking, using scratch pad to make computer games, arts and crafts etc.

Stay tuned for upcoming January's workshop!

Shout Outs!

COY Class Community

Participate in Shout Outs! with your COY class. Shout Outs! provide an opportunity for your class to appreciate other students in the class.

If you would like to participate, give your students the Shout Out! slips. Prizes for winners once a week can be provided to support the initiative. See me for more details!

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Continue to check out this flyer for updates, as well as emails for upcoming news!