Persuasive appeals

Ethos & Logos


An appeal to reason; providing logical reasoning and evidence in the form of a description, narration, and/or exposition.
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an appeal based on trust or character; demonstrating that you understand the audience's point of view; making the audience believe that you are knowledgeable and trustworthy; showing that you have researched your topic by supporting reasons with appropriate, logical evidence and reasoning.
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Where you would use these

Use these strategies in your body paragraphs to persuade your reader that your argument is supierior to your apponents argument.

How to strengthen your use of logos

Provide good, factual evidence to support your reasoning of the topic. And, when you use it in your writing, stand by your evidence and be confident in what you write.

An example of a strong logos is: smoking is bad for you because it increases the risk of developing lung cancer by 23x higher than the normal, non-smoker

-this example has strong supporting evidence

An example of a weak logos is: smoking is bad for you.

-this is weak because it has no supporting evidence

How to strengthen your use of ethos

Make sure you use a well known person to support your argument

A good use of ethos: Chris Brown drinks milk so you should too.

-it uses a well known celebrity

A bad use of ethos: I drink milk so you should too.

- it uses a not well known person.

Step by step guide for logos

1. Create your argument

2.find fact that relate to your argument

3.incorperate your information in a fluent way

4. Explain how your information relates to your argument and why you should support the argument

Step by step guide for ethos

1. find your argument

2. Find celebrities that support your argument

3. Incorperate the celebrity into your writing

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