Panther Press

for the week of March 6th


Message from the Principal

The school board expectation for all employees is that they will remain on campus all day once they have clocked in for work. ANY employee (Classified or Certificated) who needs to leave campus during the school day, is expected to 1) see an administrator about leaving campus and 2) sign-out in the white notebook in the office.

We are seeing TOO many students in the hallway without passes. ANY teacher who sends/allows a student out of class must provide the student with a written pass. There is no exception to this.

All teachers are required to monitor their students in the lunchroom as they go through the line and while at their lunch table. It is not the role of the lunchroom staff to monitor your students.

Unit plans must be up to date and posted in every classroom.

All teachers are required to communicate with parents if a student is in danger of failing their class before the end of the grading period. Sending letters home that are not returned do not count as a parent contact. Sending INOW print outs home that are not returned do not count as a parent contact. They will reflect positively on the teacher for attempts but without a response we have no way of verifying that the parent has received the information.

Keep in mind all teachers are required to administer at least one unit test every 4.5 weeks. We will be checking for these after progress reports. Documentation of RTI for these should be noted in the comment section of your gradebook. Unit tests in which a student makes less than a 60 must be retaught and re-assessed. The reassessment must occur during the nine weeks in which it originally administered. Accomodations that are implemented for an entire class do not qualify as examples of RTI or as interventions for PST. Students under 504 or an IEP may have different accommodations for assessments and these take precedent.

All teachers are required to have a substitute folder in their classroom complete with class rosters and emergency lessons. We understand that from time to time thing happen and a full blown lesson cannot be created to cover an absence so it is an imperative that emergency lessons are in the folder. We still have issues with finding enough substitutes and it really is not fair to any of your colleagues to have to create a lesson for your class when they end up having to cover.

Go Panthers!

Important Dates for the Week of March 6th

Do not forget to turn in Unit assessments when you start a new unit.

ACCESS Testing is completed. Thank you to Mrs. Gonzalez and Mrs. Matlock.

  • Mar 6th - Boys and Girls Track meet at Pelham High School
  • Mar 6th - HMS Baseball @ Homewood
  • Mar 7th - Faculty meetings this week - Bring one of your assignments
  • Mar 7th - MyTime approved by 3 PM
  • Mar 7th - Monthly FBLA Meeting after school in Business Tech Lab
  • Mar 7th - HMS Baseball vs McAdory at Bud Newell
  • Mar 7th- HMS Softball vs Riverchase at Natalie Bunn Field
  • Mar 8th - HMS Golf vs McAdory at Woodard Golf Course
  • Mar 9th - HMS Golf vs Phillips Academy in Roebuck
  • Mar 9th - HMS Softball @ McAdory
  • Mar 10th - Tornado/Fire Drill 2nd Period
  • Mar 10th - Parent contact logs due by 3 PM via email (Covers Feb 25th - Mar 9th)
  • Mar 10th - End of 3rd Nine Weeks
  • Mar 10th - HMS Baseball @ Helena
  • Mar 10th - 11th - Helena Softball Tournament
  • Mar 11th - HMS Baseball vs Oak Grove at Bud Newell

Mar 14th - No Faculty meetings. Peer visits.

Mar 14th - Grades Posted by Noon.

Mar 15th - Grade Verification sheets due by 8 AM

Mar 15th - Report Cards posted to Chalkable by noon.

Mar 18th - HMS Clean-up

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