Youngblood Intermediate School

8410 Dairy View Lane Houston, Texas 77072 281-983-8020

Captain's Message Before Boarding

Ahoy Youngblood Parents,

All Aboard! Our ship has set sail from 8410 Dairy View Lane… Destination…Student Success! As we have casted off for departure, I want to ensure you that our staff is fully equipped and prepared for any type of weather, high waves, or choppy waters at sea for the new school year! This journey will take approximately 187 days before our destination is reached!

I truly believe parents that if you and your students partner with us at Youngblood Intermediate, we will be triumphant in all academic areas. The staff members are coming with new and fresh ideas, ready to steer from any rough and high waves that your child may face this year. Communicate constantly with the school and your child’s teacher. Your involvement is a key part of our success!

Just know that we have a very skilled and trained crew, and all hands will be on deck as we successfully reach our destination! Let us make this the BEST cruise that our students have ever encountered! We are decked out with an abundance of nurturing, anchored in love and equipped with everything needed as we set sail to cruise towards students’ success!

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me via email: or the school’s phone number: (281) 983 – 8020.

Bon Voyage!

Gwen Sandles, Youngblood Intermediate Principal

Meet Our New Assistant Principal!

As a new Assistant Principal, I am looking forward to utilizing my interpersonal skills to build strong relationships with students, parents, staff and the Alief community.

My favorite quote is “A butterfly is a caterpillar which refused to give up its dreams to fly.” by M. Dhliwayo. As a leader, my goal is to provide a supportive climate and culture that is conducive to teaching and learning for our world to be filled with an array of beautiful butterflies.

With your assistance, I am committed to leading and developing future leaders through outstanding practices with long lasting and favorable results for the years ahead. By doing so, everyone can experience growth to their highest potential.

I look forward to interacting with all stakeholders.

R. Nicole Haywood

Aid to Navigation - School Supply List

1 - 3" inch binder with clear view covers

24 - Standard #2 pencils with erasers

2 - Extra erasers

5 - Folders with pockets and brads

2 - Packets of 200 sheets of 3-holed notebook paper

4 - Single sized spiral notebooks

3 - Composition notebooks

1 - Box of map pencils (color pencils)

1 - Zippered pencil pouch (no pencil boxes)

1 - Pencil sharpener with cover

2 - Glue sticks

2 - Package of sticky notes (standard size)

2 - Boxes of tissues

1 - Roll of paper towels

2 - Standard size bottles of hand sanitizer

1 - Set of earbuds/headphones (inexpensive)

1 - Box of colored markers

1 - Pack of eight dividers

1 - Pair of scissors

1 - 12" ruler

1 - Package of erasable pens (blue/black ink)

1 - Package of highlighters

Note: Your specific teacher may require additional supplies. Supplies will likely need replenishing throughout the year. Please label all supplies with student's name.

Second Mate Attire - Dress Code

Shirts - Solid Red, White, Navy Polo style with a collar

Pants - Solid Navy or Khaki - must fit at waist No baggy/sagging pants.

Shorts/Skirts/Skorts - Solid Navy or Khaki - must fit at waist and length must be within 2" above the knee

Dresses - Solid Navy or Khaki - length must be within 2" above the knee

Jackets - Cannnot be worn inside the building. Must be hung up in the classroom.

Sweaters/Sweatshirts - Solid Red, White, Navy - no logos

Socks/Tights - Solid Red, White, Navy - socks must match

Jeans - Solid blue denim loose fitting jeans (not torn, ripped, blingy) with a uniform shirts or a Youngblood Spirit Shirt (only on designated days)

Designated Days:

  • Wednesday - STEM Academies can wear their STEM shirts with jeans.
  • Friday - College shirts with jeans only

Earrings - No bigger than a quarter (girls only). Boys are not allowed to wear earrings.

Hair - Not allowed bright colored dyes or hairpieces. No designs or words cut into hair.

Shoes - Must wear closed toe shoes - no slides, flip flops, etc.


Shirts tucked in.

IDs worn on left collar.

No lanyards.

Belts on pants.

No sagging or oversized pants.

For examples and full dress code policy go to

Things to remember about attendance procedures at our school:

1) School starts at 8:35 a.m.— students who are not in class at this time are considered tardy. Students, who are 30 or more minutes tardy, will be considered as a “POD30”, which is a part-of-day attendance violation.

2) Dismissal is at 3:50 p.m.— students may not be released after 3:30 p.m. because dismissal procedures will have already started.

Dismissal Order: walkers, daycares, car riders and buses.

  • Parents, please stay in your cars at all times - drive on the right side of the cul-de-sac.
  • Daycare drivers, please drive on the left side of cul-de-sac.
  • For the safety of our students, please do not block the wheelchair ramp.
  • Walkers should cross the street with a designated crossing guard.

3) Students who are picked up before dismissal time will be considered as an “early leave”, which is a part-of-day attendance violation.

4) Excuse notes for absences must be returned no later than 3 days after returning to school.

5) Only 10 parent excuse notes will be allowed per year, without extenuating circumstances.

6) Only 10 doctor/clinic/nurse excuse notes will be allowed per year, without a medical need documented by your doctor and verified by the school nurse.

Alief ISD Safe Return to School Plan

The district will expect staff, students, and visitors to frequently and consistently practice safety protocols by washing their hands as often as possible using the following hand washing protocol:

  • Wash hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds and rinse with clean water.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available for staff and student use.
  • Facial coverings will be optional for all staff and students to wear at their discretion and preference.
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Meet Our Wildcat Counselors

Greetings and welcome to the 2021 – 2022 school year from the Youngblood Intermediate School Counselors, Ms. Polk (Fifth Grade Counselor) and Ms. C. Sandles (Sixth Grade Counselor). We are so excited to begin the new school year with each of you and our students. This year we would like to keep open communication with our parents, staff and students.

As Counselors at Youngblood Intermediate, we will work to help our students be successful with individual and group counseling, direct and indirect student services and classroom guidance. Some topics we will cover during the school year will include Bullying, Respect, Social/Emotional development, Self-Management, Social Skills, Conflict Resolution, Decision Making Skills, etc.

We will place information on the Youngblood Website each month to inform you of activities, helpful information and upcoming events. We look for to having a successful year.

Technology News

Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! We are excited to work with our new and returning Wildcats to help them succeed this school year. Technology was at the forefront of education last school year. Even though everyone is returning, we will continue using technology in the classroom in engaging and effective ways. Teachers will be learning about and implementing blended learning to educate students with both paper and pencil as well as technology. We are excited to explore this instructional model to best help students grow.

If you would like to know which digital resources are available to support your child, the Alief Hub is a great place to start. This single sign-on program allows your child to access all their instructional programs by entering only one username and password. For more information about the Alief Hub, visit

A great way to stay involved in your child’s education is by regularly reviewing schoolwork and grades. With the help of Home Access Center and Schoology, you can do just that. Through Home Access Center, you can view attendance, discipline, and report cards. With parent access to Schoology, you can communicate with teachers and view students’ virtual schoolwork. For more information and how to sign up for an account, visit

Thank you for being a partner in your child’s education. We are looking forward to an exciting and effective school year!

Welcome Back Wildcat Readers!

Our focus this year is Literacy for All! We have many resources available for our students to help build literacy and a love of reading. We have many resources available to our students. These include print books, eBooks, comic books, e-magazines, online encyclopedias, and so much more. We will be hosting a Follett Book Fair in September. The library now has a book drop-off installed at the front of the school building. If you have any overdue library books, you can now drop them off in the book return box.

We also have a Little Free Library across the street from campus in the community garden. What is a Little Free Library? It is a free book exchange. It belongs to everyone and everyone can use it. If you see something, you would like to read, take it. When you have finished, share it with a friend, bring it back here, or leave it at another Little Free Library. It is up to everyone to keep this Library full of good reads! Every Alief School will have a Little Free Library thanks to the Alief Education Foundation, the students at the Center for Advanced Careers for building the houses, and students and staff across the district for painting the houses.

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Families Actively and Meaningfully Engaged (FAME)

Youngblood Intermediate Family Center will reopen to all Youngblood students' families and the community on September 14, 2021.

Mrs. Tomeka Robinson the Family & Community Liaison is a wife, mother of 6 children and a grandmother of two beautiful grandchildren. She has a passion and commitment for all families and students of Youngblood Intermediate.

For information on opportunities to volunteer, to enroll in free classes, and to receive free resources, contact Mrs. Tomeka Robinson.

Welcome back families ALL aboard!

Contact Information:

Office: (281) 983 - 8020 ext. 24613

Email: Tomeka.Robinson@aliefisd or

Google Voice: ‪(409) 571-2464

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Youngblood's Family Center

Tuesday, Sep. 14th, 9am

8410 Dairy View Lane

Houston, TX

Advancement Via Individual Determination

“Organizing is what you do before you do something, so that when you do it, it is not all mixed up.”

-A. A. Milne

Our teachers will be working hard these first few weeks to model and raise your students' understanding of the value of being organized. Organization is a foundation that helps everyone be prepared, stay focused, and find things when needed. Teachers model organization each day using the planners, notebooks, notetaking systems, and classroom/school procedures.

Teachers and students use the planners for writing objectives, listing assignments, schedules, and goals; communicating with parents; and recording behavior grades. Students are encouraged to record important dates or information in their planners every day.

Notebooks, folders, and binders organize curriculums into easy to manage sections allowing students to find their notes and work quickly without stress. From divider tabs to color-coding, students get a chance to experience how much easier life can be when your workspace is organized!

Practicing good study habits and developing procedures to help students study effectively is also part of the organization process. Students who are organized are prepared for their courses and participate in discussions. Our goal is to help your child take responsibility for the success of his/her own learning by becoming accomplished in these organizational tools!

Science Department Update

Welcome Wildcat Scientists to the 2021-2022 school year! This is Mrs. Henington, Science Specialist at Youngblood Intermediate. Are you ready to set sail as we cruise through Science? We are going to have a great school year learning about many science concepts starting with Unit 1: Matter and Energy for 5th grade and Scientific Investigations for 6th Grade. Be prepared to do many hands-on investigations, visit the science lab to learn about the animals as well as do some fun experiments, and make this the best year ever as you expand your learning in science!

STEM Academy Update

Welcome STEM Academy students to the 2021-2022 school year! This is Mrs. Henington, STEM Coordinator at Youngblood Intermediate. I hope you are ready to participate in some exciting PBLs, attend field trips related to some of our PBLs, compete in a variety of STEM Challenges, and much, much more. In upcoming weeks keep an eye out for information about purchasing a STEM Academy t-shirt, as well as additional details about our fall cross-curricular PBLs. Fifth grade’s fall STEM Academy PBL is “Food for Thought: Engineering Ice Cream” and Sixth grade’s fall STEM Academy PBL is “Put a Lid on It: Engineering Safety Helmets”. Looking forward to an excellent STEM year!

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Pack your bags and get ready for a relaxing cruise through our available math resources for the 2021-2022 school year.

An online program for mathematics that provides students with lessons based on their individual skill level and needs. This will give your child an opportunity to have personalized learning at a pace that is just right for them while monitoring their progress throughout the school year.

These lessons are fun and interactive to keep your child engaged as they learn.
Allows the teacher to meet your child exactly where they are and provides data to increase your child’s learning gains.
Just a minimum of 15 minutes a day can be completed anytime, but we have made sure to implement it into our virtual classroom schedule each day.

Online Textbook
Students are able to access the textbook through the Alief Hub.
Students may use the textbook as an additional resource for learning.

  • 5th grade will being using Math in Focus Ed(HMH)
  • 6th grade will be using Go Math HRW(HMOF)


Social networking service and virtual learning environment that allows users to create, manage, and share academic content.

  • Teachers may have students complete and submit quizzes online.
  • Students are able to message teachers directly through this platform as an additional way to communicate with their teacher.

If you have any questions and/or concerns after speaking with your child’s math teacher, please contact Lataviya Washington via email ( or phone (‪832-758-3915 or 832-377-8580).

Message from the First Mates of the ELAR/Social Studies Department

Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year! In the first grading cycle, we will explore Module 1 of Into Reading through the beginning of September. In 5th grade, students will explore the theme “Inventors at Work”. In 6th grade, students will explore the theme “Eyes on the Prize”. In addition to the theme and reading selection, the text gives strategies on how students can develop a learning mindset through the “My Learning Mindset” anchor charts. Your child will also be building relationships with classmates and setting reading goals for the school year. Please encourage your child to read for at least 30 – 40 minutes per night. Reading a variety of texts like novels, newspaper articles, and magazines will help to expose your child to a plethora of topics that might appear on the STAAR and in their future reading experiences.

As we begin the 2021-2022 school year, 5th grade students will begin Unit 1 – Exploration and Colonization. After which, they will launch a study of The American Revolution in Unit 2. By the end of the unit, they will know about ancient cultures, American Indians, European Exploration and much more.

As we begin the 2021-2022 school year, 6th grade students will begin Unit 1 – Foundations of Geography. After which they will launch a study of North America in Unit 2. By the end of the unit, they will understand the geography, history, culture and economy of this region.

Sailing Away with ESL

The Texas Education Agency (TEA) is providing multiple ways to access your child’s state assessment results. The results of the 2019 Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System (TELPAS) and TELPAS Alternate are available electronically.

You may view your child’s test scores online by using the student portal:

To access this portal you will need:

  • Your child’s Unique Access Code
  • Your child’s date of birth

If you do not have your child’s Unique Access Code click “Find My Unique Student Access Code” to retrieve your child’s code.

You will need:

• Your child’s First Name

• Your child’s SSN (Social Security Number) or S-Number (State ID Number)

• Your child’s date of birth

Este año escolar, la Agencia de Educación de Texas (TEA) está proporcionando diversas formas para poder obtener los resultados de las pruebas del Sistema de evaluación del dominio del idioma (TELPAS, Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System, por sus siglas en inglés), y Sistema alternativo de evaluación del dominio del idioma (TELPAS Alternative, Texas English Language Proficiency Assessment System, por sus siglas en inglés). Los resultados están disponibles electrónicamente.

Usted puede ver los resultados de su niño/a por la computadora, usando el portal del estudiante

Para ingresar al portal, usted necesita:

· El Código de Acceso Único de su niño/a.

· La fecha de nacimiento de su niño/a.

Si usted no tiene el Código de Acceso Único (Unique Access Code) de su hijo:

(a) use Buscar mi codigo de accesso (en la página web

(b) vá a necesitar:

· El primer nombre de su hijo

· El número de Seguro Social (Social Security number) o el número de identificación estatal de su hijo (S-Number)

· La fecha de nacimiento de su hijo

Youngblood Administrative Team

Gwen Sandles, Principal

Marie Wells, Fifth Grade Assistant Principal

R. Nicole Haywood, Sixth Grade Assistant Principal

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