Macy's poems

By : Macy

Saturday - Similes and Metaphors

In the afternoon

I wake up with the smell of waffles and bacon.

When i smell the bacon i feel like im in heaven

The waffles were the full moon

The bacon is as crunchy as peanuts

And the waffles are as soggy as cereal

The baconis as brown as a tree

And the waffles are as tan as a Golden Retriever.

Then when i'm done with my breakfast i go back to bed as fast a turtle.

When I get to my bed I lay down and it's as soft as a baby's bottom.

I lay my head down on my pillow. It is a sheep

When I turn on the TV I start to fall asleep like a baby.

There was an old lady who sat in a tree. - Couplet

There was an old lady who sat in a tree,

She got stuck and she had to pee.

There was one time when a bird came by,

He sat by her and started to cry.

He was sad because he couldnt fly,

And he thought he was going to die.

So a person came by and helped her down,

Then he started to frown,

He Frowned because he was verry tired.

After she got down she helped the bird fly so high.

nice stuff - personification poem

The mountain tip guides me to homw.

I take this path and I follow it.

I listen to the waves as im stoeling along through the distance.

The waves show me the morning coming.

Cherry cheese cake - Imagery poem

It was a winter day at my grandmas house. After dinner i had this wonderful feeling in my stomach. Because i saw this wonderful piece of Cherry cheese cake. Right then i got my fork and i stabbed one of my cherrys and i put it right in my mouth and i felt like it exploded in my mouth. Then i put the thick part in my mouth and it was verry chewy. Then when i ate the chunkt part it was verry lumpy and my cake was verry delicious.