Rowe and Dunn

5th grade-- April 24th- 28th


Please remember that we are doing STAAR Review during Science (1:45-3:00) we would love for everyone to get the full review during this time!!

Lunch Menu:

Monday: Grilled Hamburger, Homemade Marinara Rotini w/ Breadstick, Cheese Quesadilla Green Beans

Tuesday: Cheese Pizza, Salisbury Steak w/ Roll, Hot Dog, Mashed Potatoes & Gravy

Wednesday: Beef Nachos w/ Rice, Chicken Nachos w/ Rice, Chicken Nuggets w/ Roll, Salsa & Refried Beans

Thursday: Beef Dipper Sliders, Cheesy Chicken Quesadilla, Pepperoni Pizza, French Fries Friday: Spaghetti w/ Meatballs & Breadstick, Chicken Fried Steak Sandwich, Orange Chicken w/ Rice, Peppered Broccoli


This week in math we will be continuing our work on adding/subtracting/dividing/multiplying decimals and fractions together. Students will look at word problems and break them apart to find out how to solve them. Then students will present their work to their small group!


This week in reading we are finishing our research project! Students will be able to create a PowerPoint, I-Movie, or bottle doll to show off their historical figure! Students will be able to dress up and show us who they have learned about this past week! We will also have a spelling and vocabulary test on Friday!!

Here is a picture of us citing our sources! Students created their own citations while learning MLA format-- which we have to use in our research paper!

Social Studies

This week we are on week 27! This week we are learning about the space race and The Cold War. Students will learn about how scientists were able to put us into space after the Soviet Union and learn how exiting this time was! We will also learn about how the voting age changed during this time and the baby boom that happened after the war!

We will complete our Social Studies newspaper by doing the crossword and a most populated states activity! Then on Friday students will take a 10 question quiz over the newspaper!


This week during review we will be looking back at Fossil Fuels, Circuits, Uses of Energy, Light, the Water Cycle, and Weather/Climate! We will be doing hands on labs where students get to put their knowledge to use! We will also be working on our vocabulary and completing our TOP SECRET DOCUMENTS to earn our review stickers!

Take a look below at lasts week Science Lab where we created sedimentary rock formations using graham crackers, M&M's, and Marshmallows!