LV Technolgy

By: Brandon Duffeck


In the iTrailer unit you have to do a trailer on a subject. In the iTrailer unit you can do a topic on anything a lot do about their families.

Explain Everything

In Explain Everything You have to do a math problem.The math problems she will have on the board.With the math problem you are going to record it also.

Haiku Deck

In the Haiku Deck You have to make one for your dream job. Your Haiku Deck project has to have at least 10 slides. Make sure you do it well because you are going to have to present it in front of the class. The Haiku Deck is based of your Career Locker


In coding you have to program to solve it. In coding it is pretty much a puzzle that gets a little harder every time and sometimes easier. For grades it is really easy to get a 3.

Career locker

In Career locker you do some quizs. In Career locker you have to choose a dream job. In Career locker you have to choose a college you want to go to

Learn to Type

In learn it helps you get better at typing. For grades you have to finish a certain amount of lessons to get a 3. For advance you have to finish the first 6 to get a 3.