Here is me

Ashley Spoonemore

A little information

My name is Ashley Lynn Marie Spoonemore I was born in Huron South Dakota on March 31st of 1997. My mothers name is Heather Sorensen and my fathers name is Tracy Spoonemore. I am 18 years old and i have a 1 year and a few months left of school i had some troubles back when i was in Huron so I moved here to Brookings with my father and his girlfriend and her kids. And so far it is going pretty good i'm still getting use to the big school and the way things run here.

Things i like

  • i like to listen to alot of music but only things that will inspiring you to do things that are in encouraging things that are saying something meaning full such arthritis as Bob Marley, Xavier Rudd, and Damian Marley. I also like volleyball and gymnastics a i played them both for about 3 or 4 years. I really like food my favorite food is pizza. MY favorite movies are TMNT, Focus, Lucy. I have many interests and hobbies.

Quick facts

I'am 5'3 my natural hair color is a light brown i have lots of freckles on my face and arms i have four tattoos i have a scooby doo on my left shoulder blade for my best friend that died when he was 7 i have a feather on my left four arm also a skull and roses on my left cafe and three butterflies which is the very last picture my grandpa drew before he died. I am suppose to have glasses but they are lost i have blue eyes and I'am Irish and German