Final Weekly Roundup

May 22nd - May 25th, 2023

This edition includes:

  • Principal's Note
  • 8th Grade Recognition Ceremony
  • Yearbooks
  • Summer Reading
  • Basketball Workouts
  • Summer School
  • STEAM Camp This Summer

**Below are reminders that have been posted weekly**

  • Sponsors from our Day of Service
  • Spirit Rock link
  • "Away for The Day"
  • Early Dismissal Procedure Reminder

Principal's Note

I want to end this year by simply saying "Thank you!" As a first year principal, there are so many things to learn. I appreciate the grace and support our families have shown myself and our staff this year. In today's world it is so challenging to retain educators year after year for a variety of reasons. It is an extremely challenging job on a daily basis. However, the staff here at Springfield takes on that challenge each day because they love your children and want to help them to become the best versions of themselves. The more grace and support we can all show educators, the more likely we are to keep the highest qualified teachers in our schools here in Fort Mill.

We have an amazing group of staff members. We are not perfect, but we love students and work everyday to do what is best for middle school kids. When I think about what I want for my own children, it's a teacher who loves them for who they are, and meets them where they are, and challenges and supports them to grow the most they can. I hope your child is greeted daily with those types of teachers both here at Springfield and as your child continues their journey on to other schools. For those leaving us, we wish you the very best and cannot wait to hear all you have accomplished in the years ahead. For those coming back, rest up and prepare for a fantastic year next year.

We hope you have a wonderful summer and are able to relax. Enjoy your family, ask your kids to put down those electronic devices and take in the environment and people around them.

8th Grade Recognition Ceremony


Important Information about the Recognition Event

  • Event parking is in our back parking lot. We will have staff members directing traffic once our parking lots fill up.
  • We will open the doors to the gym for parents and guests at 8:15 AM. Parents and guests will enter at the gym doors from the bus parking lot. Parents may line up there for entrance. Please do not try to get someone to open the back doors for you. For security reasons, we will not open side or back doors. You many only enter through the main doors of the bus parking lot.
  • Both sets of bleachers will be available for seating. I would like for everyone to be seated and not standing in doorways for safety reasons.
  • The program will last roughly an hour. It will begin at 9:00 AM sharp.
  • Students must report of homeroom by 8:10. They do not need to carry anything
  • I am respectfully asking parents/families not to clap, shout, or otherwise make noises of any kind while we read our students’ names during the ceremony. These disruptions delay the program and often prevent the audience (specifically parents/families) of the following student’s name to be heard. We will clap and cheer at the end of each homeroom. There will be a time to applaud and celebrate our 8th grade students at the end of the program.
  • Please be considerate of elderly guests/grandparents/those with disabilities that might struggle using bleacher stairs and give them the opportunity to sit on the front row. There are some designated wheelchair areas at the bottom of our bleachers.
  • Student dress for this event is "business casual." Often, our students will wear school appropriate informal dresses, khakis/dress pants, collared shirts, dress shirts (tucked in), and not blue jeans. Some students will wear sports coats with ties, but that is not necessary. There is not a required dress however. Please pay attention to dress code policies however.
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We have approximately 20 yearbooks left that are available: first come, first serve. Students can bring $45 cash or check made out to Springfield Middle. Yearbooks will be distributed Wednesday morning.

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Summer Reading

Below is the link to our Summer Reading requirements! Choose a book and enjoy it by the pool or wherever you may be this summer. I have read 5-6 of them already, and they are extremely good. If you would like a recommendation, I would be happy to talk to you about it.

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Summer School

Summer School for failing a class:

If your child is not failing (below a 60 ) in any class, you do not need to read the information below.

  1. If a student fails Math or Language Arts, they must attend summer school for the class they failed.
  2. If a student fails two classes (no matter what two classes,) they must go to summer school for both classes.
  3. If a student went to summer school last summer for the same classes, a decision will be made on whether or not that student will be retained or if they can attend summer school again.

Guidance will be reaching out Tuesday with letters if your child has qualified for summer school.

Summer School is June 5th – 8th and June 12th – 15th – There is one session in the morning and one in the afternoon. How long they are at summer school each day will depend on how many classes they have to take. Summer School will be at FMMS this summer. Students will be required to attend both weeks.

**8th Graders—If you fail only one class, you can walk on recognition day. Although you may walk – if you fail Math or LA you must go to summer school.

If you happen to fail two or more you may not walk on recognition day, and we will need to meet to decide if you are placed at the next level or retained in 8th grade.


We are excited to be able to provide an SMS STEAM Summer Camp opportunity for about 75- 100 students. The Summer Camp will begin the week of June 13th, and will run Tuesday through Thursday until the week of July 25th. We will not have camp the week of July 4th.

(June 13, 14,15, 20,21,22,27,28,29 and July 11,12,13,18,19,20,25,26, 27)

Due to construction being completed at our school this summer, we had to move our STEAM summer camp to PKMS. Buses will still provide transportation.

SMS Summer Camp will run from 8:30 -1:00 each day with transportation and lunch provided. We will have numerous STEAM projects planned along with Art, Music, PE, and Guidance opportunities. Invitations to camp will be going out this week to a select group of students we have chosen to participate. If you are interested in your child participating, please contact Mrs. Matkovich at

We would like for students participating to make it to most of the days the camp is offered. However, if you have a vacation planned during one of the weeks we can still discuss your child attending. It is going to be a fun summer!!



As you already know, our school is an "Away for the Day" school, meaning no access to phones, earbuds, and smartwatches during our school day. During our first quarter, students who violated the policy received a disciplinary signature in their agenda, and their item was taken to the front office to be held until the end of the day.

Now that we are entering 3rd quarter and everyone is aware of the "Away for the Day" movement, we are changing the consequences. We know that at this point if students have a phone or other item on them during the day, it is because they have chosen to go against school policy.

The 3rd quarter consequences are:

1st Offense: After-school detention on the following Tuesday or Thursday (whichever comes first.) Also for 7 days, phone/earbuds/smartwatches must be turned in each morning to the front office. Students can claim the item at the end of the school day.

2nd Offense: After-school detention on the following Tuesday or Thursday (whichever comes first.) Also for 14 days, phone/earbuds/smartwatches must be turned in each morning to the front office. Students can claim the item at the end of the school day.

3rd Offense: After-school detention on the following Tuesday or Thursday (whichever comes first.) Also for 30 DAYS phone/earbuds/smartwatches must be turned in each morning to the front office. Students can claim the item at the end of the school day.

Offenses more than 3 will be handled on a case by case basis.

We ask for your support to teach our students that being present in the moment without distractions from these items is extremely important! I have to give our students a big shout out! We have so many less cell phone problems this school year. We know there are still some devices out there, but we hope those students will eventually learn to let go of their devices, as it is an addiction, and keep them in their lockers. Overall, the student body has been doing a fantastic job! Our teachers have also been doing a fantastic job by not allowing the use of these items in their classes.

Thank you again for your support! It takes all of us to teach important skills to our youth!


Class time is valued and we strive to interrupt class periods as little as possible.

  • When your child requires early dismissal, on the day of dismissal, send a signed, handwritten NOTE to school with your child that includes date and dismissal time.
  • When your child arrives at school, he/she should bring the note to Mrs. Kilyanek’s (Miss K) room and she will mark your child’s agenda with the dismissal time.
  • At dismissal time, your child will meet you in our front office - please sign your child out on the front office computer.
  • If your child must leave early and has not brought in a note, we will call your child to the office during the next class change. You are welcome to wait in our front office lobby.
  • We realize emergencies happen - if you have one and must interrupt class time, we will ask that you first speak with an administrator.
  • Students will not be dismissed after 2:40 PM. They must wait for the 3:10 dismissal bell.
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