Construction Information

Christ Fellowship/Promiseland Preschool

September 2017

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Making Room for Families

As most of you have noticed, Christ Fellowship has launched into a building project this year in partnership with Turner Construction. This summer we began building a second worship center in front ( Worship East) for our Spanish and youth ministries and remodeled 8 of the children's classrooms including adding restrooms. The Second phase of the building program begins in October and encompasses the lobby areas, gym and large group room just west of the gym. The gym will be remodeled into ten additional children's classrooms. A large group space will be remodeled west of the gym area along with a hallway. The gym will also be gaining a second story for classroom space for older children's ministries. When the remodel is complete we will have one contiguous space for all children's ministry to enjoy!

In late October we will begin this second phase with noticeable changes inside the building. To share information and answer parent questions, we had the Turner project supervisor attend two parent meetings for families that attend Promiseland Preschool. We thought we would send out a recap of information that was addressed and the most commonly asked construction questions.


  • Turner construction has all workers background checked and also additional training specific to the job site at Christ fellowship. All wear security badges specific to the church and also have security stickers they earn displayed on their hats. We chose Turner due to their experience with projects inside existing buildings that have schools and they have excellent safety records.
  • There are no exits or entrances into the preschool building that the workers will use. All workers will be using the west entrance only and all large equipment will be kept within the fenced area to the west.
  • For safety, workers travel in a "buddy system" when they need to be in other parts of the building.
  • For added safety of our children, there will be a large temporary wall built that will extend from the Promiseland desk and across the lobby so children would never have access to the construction zones.


  • Turner will have continually running air filter fans ( air scrubbers) that help filter out construction dust. The temporary walls also provide an additional barrier for particulates due to construction. Nightly janitorial cleanings will continue as usual.


  • With the preschool in mind, Turner will do their best to mitigate the construction noise. As in all construction, there will be periods of louder noise as concrete is broken up and beams are added to support the second floor.
  • All equipment used is designed for indoor use but there will be times of unavoidable noise.
  • The temporary walls provide some noise barriers and all classrooms have wood dutch doors that can be closed easily to defray noise during the day.
  • Turner offered to occasionally fence off a door area into the gym so the children could get a chance to peek in and see the construction of their new space.


  • Gym preparation begins in late September. The large safety wall is being built at the end of October with lobby and gym renovations following.
  • The project is scheduled to be completed by the end of March and opening for ministry use beginning April 1 (Easter).
  • Preschool PreK classes that are currently in the 120's hallway will get to move into their new rooms in late March/Early April.

Inclement weather play space/Playground

  • Temporarily we are using our Special needs room 100 for our music, PE and inclement weather area. Once Worship East is completed, there will be designated space in the back area for special activities and general play when we cannot use the playground.
  • By September 2018 we will have built a new 8,000 sq ft preschool playground easily accessible to the preschool area during the day.


  • All classrooms have been carefully designed with safety being our top priority.
  • All rooms are large at 650 sq ft. and include a sink and shared restrooms. All restrooms are ADA compliant and have child sized toilets and sinks. Dutch doors provide safety and security for the children.
  • All furniture is built for strength and durability, made out of maple or birch.
  • Each room has two security cameras that can be viewed by CF staff as needed.
  • Morning car line will resume when school starts next September.

It is our privilege to be able to be a part of growing our space for more families to find and follow Christ. This preschool is your preschool so please don't hesitate to contact our children's pastor or preschool director if you have questions or suggestions. Safety of your children and the quality of our program is of the utmost importance to us as we continue to grow.

Preschool Director Karen Stein (

Children's Pastor David Klippert-Rowe (

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