Lineville Technology

Joey Sprister

Typing Web

1. Typing Web helps you learn to type faster.

2. You have to finish the Intermediate course before the semester ends.

3. When you finish the courses you get better at typing.


1. When you show your video people can learn about you and your life.

2. iTrailer is very fun to work with.

3. You get to learn something about someone that you maybe didn't know that well.

Career Locker

1. Career Locker can help you decide your future.

2. You can see different colleges that offer the job you want.

3. Mr. Noe teaches Career Locker.

Haiku Deck

1. Haiku Deck adds to Career Locker.

2. You can help you reach your goal as a person.

3. It helps you get more confident in public speaking.

Explain Everything

1. When you do it you need to do it on a math problem.

2. Explain Everything is very advanced.

3. There are a lot of different tools you can use.

Hour of Code

1. Hour of Code helps you become a computer programer

2. You can play a lot of games.

3. This website is very fun and exciting.

Email Etiquette

1. It helps you learn how to send a proper email

2. You send an email to Mrs. Myers.

3. The email has to be formal.