Casa Futuro Agora EnglishWorks

The Future is now!!!! You are part of it!

How is the project?

The Sequoia Foundation, in partnership with the state of Rio de Janeiro , Rio Solidário and

CEDAE will provide the "Cariocas" from 11 different neighborhoods in Rio the opportunity of learning English for free.

The spaces are named "Casa Futuro Agora"which means Future is Now Houses. The idea is to change that concept that we need to wait until the future comes. Our students need your help and our support and they need it NOW!

We are using the context of Tourism to teach basic communication skills in English and the interaction with the volunteers is a vital part in this learning process.

Where are the classes?

The classes are held in small rooms located inside of community centers, churches and two prisons for minors. In this project we will be able to reach deep inside of very low income communities, where the population doesn't often receive support and opportunities.

Here are the locations and teachers:

Criaad-Penha: Danielle Petra

Degase-Cecel: Danielle Petra

São João :Rayza Telo

Cordovil: Rayza Telo

Gardenia Azul: Rayza Telo

Manguariba: Mariana Braga

Urucania:Mariana Braga

São Carlos: Fernanda Peixoto

Campinho:Maria Clara Britto

Sepetiba: Mariana

Prazeres: Alessandra Salles

Thank you for joining the Program!