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Class Updates

Thank You!

We want to start the newsletter by saying thank you to all of our room parents for all of your hard work and help this first semester! We appreciate you taking the time out to help us sort, classify, copy, create, and celebrate! We are looking forward to another semester filled with learning, fun, and love!

Save the Date

January 6t- Report Cards Available (online only)
January 16th- No School (MLK Day)

Week of January 23rd - STEM Lab

Week of January 30th - STEM Lab


Week of February 6th - STEM Lab
February 14th- Valentine's Day Party (2:30-3:15)

February 17th - No School (Professional Development Day)

February 20th - No School (President's Day)

February 24th - Spirit Day

ELA with Mrs. Jackson

Students began the new year reflecting on their successes thus far in 4th grade and looking toward how they can make 2017 even better. They set goals for the new year and have come up with great ways they can achieve them. We look forward to seeing their growth continue throughout the second half of the year!

New ScootPad spelling lists have been assigned. Students will continue to use their Spelling Homework Calendars to record the number of times they study their words. The test over the next set of words (Lists 7, 8 & 9) will be on Friday, January 27.

Our new read aloud, George Washington's Socks, will help us explore the genre of historical fiction. We will distinguish between the 'historical facts' and the 'fiction' that the author intertwines to create a story that will help teach us about the Revolutionary War while entertaining us.

Social Studies with Mrs. Jackson

We are going to move into our nonfiction unit and begin researching the events that led up to the colonists wanting independence (and fighting for it in the Revolutionary War). We left off 2016 with the British winning the French and Indian War. Although they won the land from the French, it left the British with a lot of debt. King George III thought the colonists should be the ones to pay for it since they benefited from the land that was won. Students will be reading about the tax laws King George III and the British Parliament set into action and some of the Intolerable Acts that were enforced upon the colonists. They will learn about the change in mood of the colonists toward their country and why they decided to go to 'revolt' and go to war.

We will be researching the 5W's - who, what, when, where, why - when reading about the events that led the colonists to write the Declaration of Independence and later go to war. Each student will have his/her own file folder to store sources, record notes, and cite sources on this journey. To conclude this unit, each student will write a five paragraph informational essay explaining the events leading up to the colonists wanting independence. It's a big step for 4th graders, but they will be ready by the month's end!

Math with Mrs. Krehbiel

This has been a busy past couple of months in math! Mathematicians have been adding tools to their bag of arithmetic tricks as we have studied the many ways that they can multiply and divide large numbers. To show what they have learned from the first half of the year, students completed the Semesterly Math Exam on December 13th .

We will be moving full speed ahead into the wonderful world of fractions. January will begin with review of basic fraction knowledge, and then move into equivalence and comparison of fractions. Any encouragement of math talk at home will be beneficial to learning in the classroom. Ways to engage your child in math talk at home are to refer to parts of things using fractions, for example, "Try to read 1/3 of your book by the end of the week!"

School Supplies Needed

Today students took note of the school supplies that they were missing/needed. Please check your child's homework folder and try to replenish them within the next week. Thank you so much!