For people particular about their music.


For people particular about their music.

Picky – Filter, browse, and play your music

Picky gives you full control over how you browse and listen to your music. It works with the built-in Music app, so you can use Picky exclusively or seamlessly switch between the two.


★ Picky keeps your Artists list uncluttered by hiding those with only a few songs – simply adjust the filter to taste.

★ Keep singles and one-hit-wonders tucked away, or bring them into focus when you really want to listen to them.

★ Use Picklists to quickly play groups of songs – like playing an album without its bonus tracks.

★ Picky intelligently combines both grouping by artist and by album artist, so you'll always find your songs where you expect them to be.

★ Quickly view the list of your currently playing songs by simply swiping up in the Now Playing view.

★ Picky works with AirPlay, in-line headphone remotes, and the lock screen / multitasking controls.

An app by Charles Joseph