MRE Update

March 31st

Important Information from the Principal

Dear Mary Rowlandson Families,

April 5th is almost here and the staff of MRE are ready and excited for the return to five day in-person learning. Teachers have spent the last two weeks setting up their classrooms, adjusting the schedules and planning for the return to a classroom full of students. Across the school, we have adjusted lunch rooms tables, seating assignments, and added tents for outdoor instruction and breaks. Below is a link to the updated Mary Rowlandson COVID Protocol document. The document is highlighted to indicate areas that have been updated and changed to reflect the state and CDC guidance.

MRE Update COVID Protocols

Remote Student Returning to In-Person Learning

If your child is leaving the Remote Learning Academy to return to in-person learning, please send all the manipulative, school supplied items and workbooks to school on Monday when they come to school. This might be a lot of material to send on the bus. If you would like to drop it off during the day that would be great too.


If your child has borrowed a school Chromebook, it would be helpful for them to bring it back to school with them. We will need many of these to outfit our classrooms. If they can be brought back to school on April 5th, that would be extremely helpful.

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Drop Off and Pick Up

With twice the amount of students coming to school everyday, morning drop off and pick will have many more students arriving by car. The current drop off procedure has worked very well all year. We are able to have at least 8 cars at time unload students when every car pulls as far forward as possible. It is critical that parents and caretakers do not exit their car to assist students. It causes major backups when adults leave the car to help put backpacks on students and give a last hug and kiss. Please try to do all that while waiting in the drop off line. If it is necessary to get out of the car to help your student, you may park in the basketball court and walk your child to the sidewalk.

The middle school has its dismissal at 2:15. This continues until about 2:45. Please do not arrive at school for the MRE dismissal early. Our students dismiss at 3:05. Arriving too early will result in elementary cars in the middle school dismissal line.

Full Return Transportation Guidelines

The District is following the Department of Elementary and Secondary Education (DESE) Transportation Guidelines for the Full-Return on April 5, 2021.

Several core practices will support safe school bus operations this school year:

  • Masks
    All staff and students on the bus, regardless of age, are required to wear masks at all times. Exemptions will be considered for students due to medical reasons.

  • Distance
    As of February 2021, physical distancing guidelines and resulting bus capacities have been updated by DESE as follows:

    In all cases, maximum distance between students should be maintained during boarding and transportation.

    Elementary schools:
    Capacity limitations and physical distancing requirements for students on buses are lifted.

    Middle and high schools
    Capacity limitations and physical distancing requirements for students on buses are lifted, except for middle and high schools in districts with high community prevalence.

  • Seat assignments
    Students are assigned to a single bus and are assigned a specific seat.
    - Siblings will share a seat.
    - NRSD will make every effort to maintain maximum distance when assigning seats, however, in following the guidance from DESE, students not from the same homes may share one bus seat.
    - The maximum capacity for a bus will be 52 students (2 students per seat).

  • Ventilation
    Windows will be open at all times during operation at least two inches. In adverse weather conditions, every other window will be opened.

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Lunch Menu

Other menus include Grab & Go and Breakfast

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