Ancient Greece

By: Cyrus Elwick

The Introduction

This project is about how Ancient Greece lived years ago. The first topic I learned about is The Peloponnesian War. There was a lot of damage. The second one I learned about was the Early Wanders. They moved southward from their pasturelands

The Peloponnesian War

The war in Ancient Greece happened in 431-404 bc. Jealousy of Sparta made Greece and Sparta go to war. City was in danger for 10 years. The disaster sealed the Athens. Killed 1/4 of the population. The spartans won the war.

Early Wanderers

Next the Early Wanders in Ancient Greece. Sometimes they killed the their cattle for food. They stay in one spot so long that they could grow a crop. Sometimes they wore white robes. along the way they grazed their herds.

Slavery in Ancient Greece

Some slaves could obtain freedom. Slaves prodused most of the population for the town. 2/3 of the populations were slaves. slaves had a miserable lot. Some slaves got sent to silver mines.


I learned about Ancient Greece and there culture. It was really fun on how Early Wanderers live back then. I thought the Peloponnesian War was pretty interesting. I think that the slavery was scary on what I read. Well thanks for listening to my story.


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