Lung Cancer

By: Madi Brown

Steam Cells

A steam cell is an undifferentiated cell with multi cellular organisms.

We have about 100,00 billion cells in our body.

The cells main purpose is to survive in the organisms body.


Cancer occurs when a cell has an abnormal growth and becomes out of control.

The death of a cell is called, apoptosis.

A mutation is when there is a mistake in the cells genetic material.

Cancer Cells

Lung Cancer

The lungs are affected with lung cancer, mostly due to smoking or other hazardous materials. The lungs shrivel up and or become black due to the tar in cigarettes. Exposure to radon can also cause lung cancer.

What Are The Effects Of Lung Cancer?

Lung cancer can cause, blood clots, bone issues and as well as deterioration of the lungs.
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The Symptoms Of Lung Cancer

Symptoms that can occur during the process of having lung cancer are, wheezing, coughing blood, chest pains and weight loss.

The survival rate while having lung cancer is 54%.

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Treatments For Lung Cancer

There are several treatments for lung cancer, chemotherapy, radiation and surgery,

To verify if you have lung cancer, an x-ray is required.

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