Surviving the High School Jungle

Tips for Incoming Freshmen

Keep on Track

It's easy to go off the rails your freshmen year but you will regret it! Try your hardest to do your best so your GPA will be where you want it to be by the time you're a senior. Most importantly set up a schedule that balances time for school work and a social life. After all work and no play makes you a dull person.

Try Out for Extra Curricular Activities

Not only are they a great way to meet new friends and try new things, they also look phenomenal on a college application. It doesn't matter if it's band, choir, speech, sports or even gamers club.

Get on Good Terms with Your Teachers (4 Year Relationship)

Be young, be wild, and have fun.

High School Has The Ability To Be the Best Years of Your Life If You Let It Be

Don't stress out to much and don't forget to have fun. Although you're learning buildings blocks essential for a successful college career, you're also learning life skills essential for the rest of your life. Fight for what is right, especially if you feel as though you were graded unfairly. Most importantly be ethical and moral in all that you do.