Weekly Highlights

Mrs. Jaeger's 5th Grade Classroom

News and Notes

Wednesday, March 16th - Reading Olympics Meeting @ 8:00am

Thursday, March 17th - St. Patrick's Day - wear green!

Friday, March 18th - Art Field Trip (Jaeger and Howley Classes Only) Remember to submit your permission slip

Wednesday, March 23rd - Reading Olympics Meeting @ 8:00am

Thursday, March 24th - Monday, March 28th - Spring Break

Friday, May 27th - Philadelphia Field Trip

Social Studies

Our colonial movie trailers are now posted online for your viewing pleasure. Which colony will persuade YOU to join them and make settlement with them in America? View the trailers using this attached link to help you make your decision. http://cbsd.org/Page/18597

Ask your child:

  • Did you enjoy working on this project?
  • Did you and your partner work well together?
  • Are you happy with how your project turned out?
  • What colony, other than yours, would you consider settling in after viewing the trailers in class?

We launched our new unit in social studies which will focus on the events leading up to the American Revolutionary War. This week will we touch on the French and Indian War, the Proclamation of 1763 and the Quartering Act. Students enjoyed the music video below as an introduction to how the colonists felt toward King George, essentially saying, "It's too late to apologize as we are declaring our independence!".

Too Late to Apologize: A Declaration


This week in reading, students will continue to practice and refine skills such as making meaningful connections, completing and creating analogies and will also be working with new vocabulary and reading several non-fiction selections about forces in nature. Students will also have an opportunity to engage in small group discussions that will focus on identifying author's purpose, author's message and an opportunity to share their new learning on the topics they have read about.

Ask your child:

  • What are the different purposes for an author to write a piece of literature?
  • How is the author's message different from a summary statement in non-fiction?
  • Do you feel comfortable writing a meaningful connection? Are the connection stems (Connections Chart) helping you write a sophisticated response?
  • Is there anything Mrs. Jaeger could help you with in reading?
  • Can you tell me more about the Connects Chart (pictured below)? How can it guide you in writing meaningful connections?

Please remind your child to review their vocabulary words nightly to help them build their personal dictionary.

Big image


Opinion pieces are finally wrapping up this week and will be available for your review during our conference time. The boys and girls have made great strides with these pieces and are mastering the art of expository writing.

Ask your child:

  • How is your writing piece coming?
  • What is your status? (typing, revising, conferencing, publishing)
  • Did you have a peer conference/ do you hope to have a peer conference?
  • What is one thing you are working on with this piece?
  • Did you have an opportunity to focus on adding transitional phrases?