Spiritual House Calls Available

Serving Marion County, Oregon

Spiritual Practitioners, Clergy, and Paranormal Help in Marion County

  • Spiritual House Cleansing
  • Home and Occupant Blessings
  • Paranormal Investigations
  • Psychic Mediums
  • Banishings
  • Exorcisms

Spiritual Practitioners and Clergy provided in conjunction with By Candlelight & Conjure, O.P.I.T., and the Blue Sword Coven.

Please inquire within at- By Candlelight & Conjure, 414 Pine St. NE Salem, OR. 97301, (971) 388-9373.

Cost of Services

Thorough Spiritual House Cleansing with blessing of all occupants, all supplies, and travel -$75

Psychic Mediumship, contacting the other side, by Navar D. Knight, Rev. H.P. - 1 hour session - $75

Banishings - includes an off site consultation, supplies, travel, and an on site spiritual working- $100

Exorcism- consultation, investigation, supplies, follow up, $100+

About Us

We are an experienced team of Spiritual Practitioners that combine forces of both the spiritual and the physical plane. Through the use of traditional spiritual rites and hermetic techniques we can quiet the unrest in your life and home.