The Other Side of the Protest

By Hannah Selenis and Tyler Parisi

Hello Vietnam by Johnny Wright

Kiss, me goodbye and write me while I'm gone
Good, bye, my sweetheart, Hello Vietnam.

America has heard the bugle, call
And you know it involves us, one an all

I don't suppose that war will ever end
There's fighting that will break us up a gain.

Good bye, my darling, Hello Vietnam
A hill to take, a battle to be won
Kiss me goodbye and write me while I'm gone
Good bye, my sweetheart, Hello Vietnam.

A ship is waiting for us at the dock
America has trouble to be stopped
We must stop Communism in that land
Or freedom will start slipping through our hands

I hope and pray someday the world will learn
That fires we don't put out, will bigger burn
We must save freedom now, at any cost
Or someday, our own freedom will be lost.

Kiss me goodbye and write me while I'm gone
Good bye, my sweetheart, Hello Vietnam.

Key Term One

This lyric shows that in this time period no one was exempt from this conflict and that it would affect everyone

Key Term Two

This lyric shows that the conflict could effect our freedom as a whole, if action isn't taken. We must stop the problem.

Key Term Three

This lyrics states that if this problem isn't stopped then it would only get worse and cause greater problems that could affect our freedom and abolish us as a whole if not handled properly.


We believe that this song was slightly influenced by the time that his partner spent over seas fighting in World War II because it seems that this song compares the two without saying because if WWII was not resolved it would have gotten worse and it was for the greater good.


These three lyrics differ from the common thought of protests of the Vietnam era. Due to the fact that it is stating that going to fight this conflict is for the greater good of the country whereas other common songs refer to this conflict as being a complete waste. We agree that this conflict needs to be resolved because if it wasn't it could of gotten worse. We believe that it made a slight impact on the era but it could only make a limited impact due to the fact that most songs were the complete opposite.