Positive and negative effects on our oceans


Oil spills effect our waters because it gets on our birds ,fish , plants such as reefs and destroys our one and only ocean. We can change our actions from oil spills by maybe using solar power more than our fossil fuels.


Overfishing is happing a lot in our world and it makes our fish population decrease dramatically. This affects our water ecosystem because fish are apart of a food chain and if other animals cant feed on fish they start to die off and if another animal eats that type of animal that's eats fish, it just messes up that cycle that's going on and if we disturb it we mess up our ecosystem. Our people can change this by maybe making laws about fishing. One way we can do this is we can make a law that says you can only fish a certain amount of pounds of fish.


This way of getting oil is scaring away animals of the sea. They move away from their habitat and have to change what they do now because we want to drill oil in the ocean. We can prevent this cause by recycling more so we have new inventions we can use to make better ways to get less oil. This can make a difference by using what we already has to make better things and it's better for our ecosystem.


Our factory's near the ocean pollutes our water by putting bad air into the water. That causes the fish to get sick and die off. That makes our fish population go down. We can prevent this action by making artificial reefs. By doing that we can move the animals to a different spot in the ocean with better homes.


Waste is probably one of the biggest things that change our animals. This is a negative way to mess with our water because it gets in our water that we drink and we might get sick. Another way is our animals get stuck in it like our turtles,dolphins and fish, then they start to die off. We can prevent this cause this by making safe zones for fish. This way can help by people can't fish there so the fish, dolphin and turtle population and so much more animals can live there without being bothered.