Modest Maudie

The secrets behind miss maudie

Inside miss Maudie's mind

"She loved everything that grew in gods earth"

Her importance in the story is that she is a loved character she's sweet modest and she cares about other people. She grew up with Atticus and his brother.She enjoys kids company, she would bake for them and let them play in her yard. She there to be a mother figure for the kids and help them out when Atticus couldn't.

Harper lee needed miss Maudie to guide the children and be the mother figure they needed

a kind woman's soul

Her trust is loyal

Her love is unconditional

The passion she shares drifts through the wind and spreads to whom will take it

...She is truthfully kind...

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Alicia Riojas wrote this article for the intention you would understand more about miss maudie and her importance of to kill a mocking bird. open your eyes to the world and you will see the truthful beauty of the world we live in