Borders and Power

By: Hannah Pridgen

Borders and Power

Borders are boundaries that define where one thing starts and another thing end. Some examples are a city limit, school district, school zone, county line, state border, international border. Borders can be determined by geography, and human interaction. Power is the responsibilities that a country or nation has, and it is the ability to control a person or a group of people. A nation’s borders help determine its resources, which helps determine it’s power. If a country has lots of natural resources within its borders, the country is often times more powerful.

Balance of Power

The main idea of balance of power is to try and decrease and manage conflict between powerful sovereign governments.

Ukranian Conflict

The Ukrainian conflict is the disagreement between Russia and the west. Russia wanted to regain control over Ukraine but the west did not let them gain control. The west said Russia was not allowed to gain control over any country that they wanted.

Israeli-Palestinian conflicts

This conflict has been going on for many years and it has failed to come to a conclusion. There are many topics that must be discussed in order to solve these conflicts.