No Escape

By: Lillian Hunsaker

What techniques/tricks does the author use to create suspense in the story?

Three techniques/tricks that the author used to create suspense in the story No Escape by J.B. Stamper is to create a problem, and then mention of the problem several times, and then he brings the suspense to a peak. The author uses hints or problems done the line in the beginning of the story to create curiosity in the reader. In the first to sentences "Now he was in prison for the rest of his life. He was trapped like an animal in a cage. He could not face it any longer!" the author creates a problem. Then he mentions the problem more to continue the suspense like in this quote "In those few seconds of light, Boris saw something that made his heart leap. One of the stones in the wall looked different. There was a thin crack in the cement around it." the author finally brings the suspense to a peak showed in this quote "The tunnel was turning upward. Boris had to grab both sides of the wall and dig his feet into the cracks in the wall. Slowly, he pulled himself up." The author used these three techniques/tricks to create suspense in the story.