Korean War

By: Hanna Britt

Main Idea/ what caused it?

What mainly started the Korean war was dissagreement. South korea wanted a resolution to fighting but North Korea ignored the resolution. It was also mainly about controlling territory, Japan controlled korea until the end of World War II. After Japan lost their war, the soviet union took over the North and United States took over the south.

Who got involved and what happened?

Mainly United States, Great Britian, China, and the Soviet Union was involved. The United Nations supported the south and the Soviet union supported the north. The U.S. supported 50,000 marine, air force and Navy combatants. The conflict was mostly between North and South Korea.

FUN FACT: the war itself took the lives of 1,300,000 south Koreans, 1,000,000 chinese, 500,000 North Koreans, and 37,000 americans.

Where Did The War Take Place?

The war was all over Korea. They fought in the southeast tip of the Korean peninsula and west of Korean peninsula, towards Seoul which is the capital of south Korea. They also faught in the Northern and southern parts of Korea. It is the North and South koreans who was fighting.

Where? Certain dates?

the war was through 1950-1953. June 25, 1950 is when the North Koreans attacked and that is what started it all. december 31, 1950- the chinese and North Koreans began the second invasion of south korea. November 25, 1950 is when the chinese entered war. finally on july 27, 1953 the representatives of both sides signed an agreement ending the Korea war.

Stuff they used to attack.


-B-26 bombers

-f-84 thunderjets

-helicopters- they used those to transport men, supplies, and guns to hard to reach places.