The DBQ/MiniQ Project - Literacy

Session I

Thursday, April 30th, 8:30am-4:30pm

2875 Northside Drive Northwest

Atlanta, GA

Audience: Pre-selected by school (1 teacher per grade level 6-12)

Time: 8:30AM to 4:30PM

Location: North Atlanta High School

Room: Multi-Purpose Room on the 1st Floor

MyPLC Registration: Course #: 156445 Section #: 63700

*This training is highly recommended by the GA Department of Education!

Need a Substitute Teacher?

The Office of Literacy will pay for your substitute teacher. After you register, please complete the Substitute Form that will follow your registration in an email. Return the completed form to Audrey Glascoe at the CLL building – 6th floor. To expedite the process you can email the form to her at and give me the original at the training.

Session Descriptions

Day 1: Democratizing the DBQ

Presenter: Amie Polcaro

During the one-day session participants will explore The DBQ Project Method, with special emphasis on the gradual release model, as an approach to document analysis. The workshop is designed as a blend of content and process. The participants will discover how the tension of a question can promote student curiosity about informational texts, as well as critical thinking skills. The workshop is centered on the belief that thinking is clarified by writing. The goal of the workshop is for all participants to leave enthusiastically ready to implement a MiniQ in their classrooms during the first two weeks of May. Special emphasis will be placed on differentiating the process to meet the needs of all learners; and making connections to Georgia Milestones.

Day 2: DBQ Follow-up Session: Advancing the Work: The Foundations of Argument Writing (DATE TBD)

Presenter: Amie Polcaro

This session is open only to participants who have attended the day one DBQ session. The workshop will focus on overcoming implementation issues and will be centered on teacher discussion around the examination of student work. Teachers will identify their expectations about what good writing looks like; and develop a set of personal writing priorities to assist in providing formative feedback to advance their students’ work. Teachers will leave with the tools necessary to examine classroom level data, and the ability to make data driven decisions regarding their instructional focus.

The DBQ Project

What is the DBQ Project for Literacy?

The DBQ Project was started in 2000 to help teachers help students read with understanding, think straight, and write clearly.

The Project’s roots originate in our positive experience with the Document-Based Question exercise on History and ELA AP exams. With the shift to the types of writing and expectations of Common Core State Standards, ALL students must learn to write read, write, and think using sources.

For the past 2 years, the Social Studies teachers have received training and resources and seen significant gains in student engagement and performance. Now that the DBQ Project has created materials and resources specifically aligned to our ELA curriculum, we are excited to offer training to our middle and high school ELA teachers.

The Office of Literacy will be providing this training. Only teachers who attend training will receive the binder, which includes all of the training materials. The binder cost is $300.00 and binders must be returned at the end of each fiscal year.

The Mini-Qs are really short units of study. Many districts are using The DBQ Project units across grade levels. As students progress up the ladder, they encounter progressively more complex tasks and challenges.

For additional information and a general overview of what makes it work, view the YouTube clip below.

What Makes It Work