Keyani Crow

Nadi, Fiji

Getting There

Figi is a very small island that can get mixed up with many others on a map it is on the right side of Australia. Although, this island was one of the top 16 most beautiful islands in the entire world . But how cool would it be to go with one of your friends? I however get to go to Nadi, Fiji with Talia. We will be leaving Denver Colorado at 11:15am and arriving in Los Angeles at approximately 12:40pm. We will be leaving the Los Angeles airport at 10:30pm we are going to need at least an estimate of $50 for food and drinks at the airport. We will be landing in Nadi, Fiji at 6:00am. The cost of the plain ticket will cost 1,737 per person accoring to Figi Airways in February of 2015 . Our total time travel will be 23 hours and 25 minutes. We will be renting a Full size silver SUV ($122 a day) which will be $784.00 total. It holds 5 people and 4 bags.
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Where to Stay

How nice would it be to stay in a 5 star hotel with million dollar views and great room service, rooms with air conditioning, and a private pool and spa. The Royal Davui is a 5 star hotel which is where Talia and I will be staying. We got a special deal, instead of $891 we are only paying $636 a night[0].numberOfAdults=2&roomno=1&validate=false&previousDateful=false&reviewOrder=date_newest_first#hotel-photos we will be staying one week in Fiji and the total we are paying for one week will be $4,452 which is much better then paying $6,237.
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Activities in Fiji can be both relaxing and beautiful at the same time. Some activities that I will definitely be trying are waterfall trekking, day spa package, mana island resort full day cruise, coralview shark dive, swim with the manta ray, and the fly drive tour. . Most of these activities are free and all of them include a beautiful view and they are all fun especially with the nice weather you don't have to worry about it getting cold and having to change your plans for the entire day due to weather.
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History and Culture

Fiji has always been a beautiful, even since the second millennium B.C . It was explored by the Dutch and the British in the 17th and 18th centuries. The British took it over as a dependent country. Although in October in 1970, Fiji became a independent country. Sitiveni Rabuka staged a group of men to prevent the Indians from taking over their land. But in 1998 the Fijians took over the land and declared independence. The island Fiji has about 322 islands in the southern part of the Pacific Ocean. Some of these islands are inhabited which means that the islands are owned by others and occupied.


Fiji has been having MAJOR water problems for about 35 years! The solution to this problem is they are having a water company called B & M Patel to transfer their water so they can have water. People were wasting water and misusing it in many different ways such as leaving water on for too long when not needed. This is what had caused Fiji to have such big water problems on their islands.
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My conclusion for Fiji is that yes, it is a very beautiful place, it has its issues but they have solutions for them immediatly so there is not need to worry about having no water or anything like that. I would definitely recommend going there when you have the time to go. It is a beautiful place to go and it is hot there and you can do all sorts of fun activites you can do there! That is my conclusion for Fiji.

About the Traveler

Keyani Crow is a girl that loves to travel and experience different climate weathers and the different people living in places. She lives in Westminester, CO and was born in San Francisco, California. She moved here when she was 4 and she isn't a big fan of snow. But she would definitely love to go to Fiji someday in her life, she plans to start saving money now so that she can get in the Royal Duvai Hotel in Fiji.
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