American revolution

The fight for freedom

patriots point of view on Boston tea party

"I was mad at the king for not caring are votes for taxes for tea so why have it then!"

"so tonight lets go on the ship that has all the tea in it and through all of the tea off!"

"ya" said every one " that means now." I pored that tea like it was nothing and all those people standing on the deck doing nothing to stop us man that tea was go in a hour.

Loyalest point of view on Boston tea party

I was mad that all those patriots through all the tea in to the ocean it was just taxes it is just a little bit more money and now I have no tea to drink when I am reading a book. The red coats came to late we could have a crate of tea still.

declaration of independence

The declaration of independence Is a paper that Tomas Jefferson wrote that said all men should be treated fairly and we should have votes for who we what to be are ruler.
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