By: Taylor Smith

" Things could change Gabe,' Jonas went on. ' Things could be different. I don't know how, but there must be someway for things to be different, " ( Lowry 161).

In the novels The Giver and Delirium there are many way to see when a utopia falls apart. Once people start to rebel against the government a utopian society cannot exist.

In order for a utopia to not exist, a group of individuals start rebelling against their government.

An example would be in Delirium when Lena explains, " I've seen countless uncureds dragged to their procedures, so racked and ravaged by that they would rather tear their eyes out, or try to impale themselves on the barbed wire fence outside of the laboratories, then be without it," ( Oliver 3). When people are dragged and forced to do something it is like they are rebelling because why are they being dragged in the first place? So when someone is being dragged somewhere then they were probably rebelling first. Another example can be in The Giver when Jonas is planning on rebelling when he states, " Things could be different. I don't know how, the there most be some way for things to be different" ( Lowry 161). Jonas is talking about how things could change, which shows that he is thinking of rebelling. That can't happen in a Utopian Society.


In conclusion a utopian society cannot exist if people start to rebel.

like when Jonas believes he should rebel and he changed his community for the better. So is it okay to take the risk andrebel against the government?