Fictional Literature

Silent Movie by Avi

Silent Movie

This book is a picture book about a Swedish family who is separated during the great migration at the New York docs. The father searches for his wife and son while the wife and son are left homeless and without money. The son is discovered by a movie producer who puts him in his next movie. The father sees his son up on the screen at a Nickelodeon and goes in search of his family. The excellent black and white illustrations compliment the text well. This provides an informative description of migration and hardships of a non-English speaking family in Early North America.

Moreover, the book focuses on words such as Immigration; Immigrants; Migration; Citizenship; Quality of life. These keywords are important aspects of the Grade 5 class and especially important for my Unit on History and Identity. The reason I chose to read this book in my class is that it allows students to understand the unique population of Canada and the challenges and hardships faced by immigrants that first moved to this country. It also allows students to learn about how these immigrants and newcomers have changed Canada and its land.

Students will also be able to further define the term “citizenship” in light to what it means to the newcomers. For its appropriate content and multiple objectives, I rate this book as being a "Superior" read for my 5th grade class.

Reference: Avi. (2003). Silent movie. Atheneum/Anne Schwartz Books.