Fat Goat's Rebellion

Fat goats unite!

Are you a fat goat being discriminated against?

If so, you should join us at the FGR! here in the fat goats rebellion, we fight for equality of goats of all weights. Why should a skinny goat be treated better than a fat goat? They shouldn't! Here we do not tolerate any sort of bullying or hate to heavier goats. We will help you get justice!

How will you help me?

Well, we are actively fighting for the rights of the fat goats. We are building support, and are spreading nice words to the fat goats all around the world. We encourage each other, and get other goats to support us as a community. Currently, we are sending letters to our president, Baaaaahhhhhhrak Obaaaaahhhhma, to get a law passed about this pressing matter.

Can I help?

You most certainly can! You can either call 1-800-fat-goat or go to www.FGR.org/forums/how-to-help.html to get any extra information about any unanswered questions you may have about the organization. If you are uncertain wether or not to join, don't fret! All FGR members take the Fat Goat's Pledge and are very lovely. If you don't want to call or go online, you can simply spread the word and help with recognition of the organization. Check the website for details on the next meetings.

A word from the founder

"Life is tough being a fat goat. No one understands you in today's society. There was once a day when I was glorified for being fat. Years ago when I was first trying out for the Sumo Goat annual competition, I came so close to winning. It took me five years of hard work and dedication to my weight. Finally, 7 years ago I got in the ring and nearly crushed my opponent to death. I've held the tittle ever since. It was victorious. I was celebrated for being the fattest goat int he world. But something messed up happened. I became irrelevant. How? I wondered. It was because I was fat. So, I began to gather others like me and tried to start the trend back again, but the fad was over. Now I am just a fat, newly pregnant, goat. Unless you can help me. Please don't let my child be the laughing stock of the goat world. " -Danielle

Help us fight against hate towards the fat goats.

Or else we'll eat you