Come to Caseville its the best

The biggest festival ever

This place is the best around

This place is important to me because my whole family goes up there as a whole family.

There is also huge festival called CHEESBURGER it is the biggest festival I've ever been to. When your there it is like your in the country with those freindly neihbors. When i'm up there I dont think about school or anything it is just the most fun.

Facts about Casville

Bad things about Caseville

Caseville is good but has some bad things but not to bad. When the cheeseburger festival is not going on the town is alone. It gets alot of snow and rain big breese. But when you go there are more good things than bad but there is alot of geese.
Walleye fishing the Saginaw river


"I like it because of the ice cream" sister

"It is so peaceful and quiet" Grandma