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Program Director: Susan Beard

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Don't Forget

Please call, 913.856-0170 (office) ), or email to let me know if your child(ren) will not be attending JCPRD.

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Come Join Us!!!! - End of the Year Celebration!!!!

We will have an End of the Year Celebration here at Nike Elementary on Thursday, May 19th from 4:30-6:00 pm. Com play dodge ball and eat pizza with your child and their friends and families!


May 6th - Fees due

  • May 23-27 - Pre-camp week (pre-registration is required)
  • May 20th - LAST DAY OF SCHOOL
  • May 25th - Summer Camp Parent Orientation at camp location 6-7pm
  • May 31st - Outdoor Camp Begins

  • June 6th - Indoor Camp Begins

    The last day of school is May 20th. Kindergarten graduation on at 10:00 a.m. Then the graduates may go home with their families or go back to the classroom. JCPRD will offer the normal service times which is 3:25 to 6:00 that afternoon.

    End of the Year Programming

    JCPRD will provide programming through Friday, May 27. Pre-registration is required for the week of May 23-27, that will be held at Nike Elementary. YOUR CHILD WILL NEED A SACK LUNCH EVERY DAY THIS WEEK!

    JCPRD indoor programs will be closed the week of Memorial Day but Outdoor Summer Camps are open this week if you need to enroll.

    JCPRD Gardner Summer Camps will start on Monday, June 6th and run through Friday, August 5.

    JCPRD 2016-17 Fall Programming will start on your child’s first day of school. No JCPRD programs will be open August 8-10.

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    2016-2017 Fall Enrollment!!!

    Enrollment for the 2016-2017 school year began April 18th @ NOON. The forms can be found at

    We would greatly appreciate your help spreading the word about JCPRD Out of School Time program to those who may be uncertain of what we have to offer!!!

    Summer Camp Registration!

    Summer Indoor Camp Registration opened on Monday, Feb. 22nd at noon. You will need to go to and complete the paperwork. Indoor camp locations are Sunflower, Moonlight, and Gardner. Camps will go on field trips, go to the pool, do activities at the school, and participate in the free lunch during the summer. If you have any questions please let me know.

    Outdoor camp registration is open as well. There are multiple locations to choose from for outdoor camps, so be sure to check out all of your options on our website.


    • Kids should get vigorous activity (that make them breathe hard or sweat) at least 3 times a week.
    • Vigorous activities build strength and endurance and are good for the heart and bones.
    • Be a good role model and make time for vigorous physical activity.
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    HP3 - 2016 *Duathlon *10K *5k

    Do you want to do a 5K, 10K, or maybe even a Duathlon?? Well, join us at Heritage Park on May 14th. This is a cheap event that is close by that you and your child can do!! Want $2.00 off registration? Let me know and I can get you a code! I also have a simple training plan to get you in the shape to be able to do one of the above that has been put together by our wellness department. I would be more than happy to make a copy of that for you as well!
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    Sign in/out Policy

    All children must be signed in and out, daily, with parent initials and time. This is a Kansas State Health Department regulation. Staff will follow up, if parents do not sign their children out, with a phone call to verify pick-up. Children are not allowed to sign themselves in/out without a parent.

    ***Be sure to have your ID on you for verification when signing out***

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    Participation in the program is a privilege, not a right. The ability of each participant to consistently practice positive life skills is essential to ongoing enrollment. The following set of non-negotiable standards for participation is designed to allow participants to self-regulate behavior. 1.) Respect the right of others to courtesy and personal space. 2.) Manage anger in appropriate ways. 3.) Respect and respond to adult authority. 4.) Accept differences among the group. 5.) Accept responsibility for own actions. These are reasonable expectations for any child participating in a group program setting. The actions of each individual influence the quality of participation for the entire group. Our goal is to facilitate successful participation for each child through the joint understanding, support, and practice of these positive life skills.


    Please make sure that you read over the parent handbook for our mission statement, goals, program description, hours, costs, holidays, payment schedule, and policy statements.

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    JCPRD has pledged to the COMMIT TO HEALTH campaign!!!

    We know that kids who eat healthier and move more perform better in school. It's not just because teachers and administrators tell us so. Research shows that healthy kids get better grades, attend school more often and behave better in class.

    Experts recommend that kids get 60 minutes of physical activity every day. These minutes can come before, during, or after school as long as kids are staying active and having fun!

    Park and recreation agencies are the health and wellness leaders in their communities. Having a safe place to go after school, being active and eating healthy are vital services park and recreation agencies provide. That's why NRPA created Commit to Health—a campaign that supports the implementation and evaluation of Healthy Eating, Physical Activity (HEPA) standards in park and recreation sites across the country.

    Please help us encourage your children to live healthy lifestyles by eating healthy, and getting lots of physical activity!

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